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Lorna Doone (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Mari Iijima Format: CD Genre: Classical Artists
Lorna Doone (Original Soundtrack)

Lorna Doone (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Mari Iijima Format: CD Genre: Classical Artists
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It may come as a surprise to see that not only is Mari Iijima a pop sensation, but is also a genius with composing classical scores and movie soundtracks! Lorna Doone is Mari Iijima's sensational soundtrack for a 1922 silent film remade and remastered in 2001. Many people are not big fans of classical music at all, but Lorna Doone has a very special touch to it. The score was composed entirely for a string quartet, and with the talent of four string players and Mari on piano, this album delivers such a hard punch that you won't believe it's magnitude. It is quite frankly one of the most beautiful scores I have ever heard, and it probably will stay that way. Even included is the bonus track 'Looking for a Shadow', which was featured in the short film 'White Shadow', which has Mari singing her heart out. So to all of you who don't think highly of classical music, or even all of you that do, this score will give you enough peace to end your deepest frustrations. Note From Mari Although this album isn't 100% flawless :) (the whole thing was recorded live in one day.), there are a few exceptional tunes on this album. If you're interested in a classical side of me, go ahead and check this album out. When you get a chance to see the actual film, I bet the music makes sense to you.
Artist(s): Mari Iijima
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 11/3/2004
Item #: SRD914468
UPC #: 634479144684
Product Type: CD

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