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Marlene Dietrich: The Glamour Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics, Comedy-Classic
Marlene Dietrich: The Glamour Collection

Marlene Dietrich: The Glamour Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics, Comedy-Classic
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In "Morocco" (1930), her first American feature, Marlene Dietrich is a Parisian café singer who falls for legionnaire Gary Cooper and eventually follows him to the desert. "Blonde Venus" (1932) is an exotic drama about a woman's (Dietrich) struggles with a dying husband (Herbert Marshall), her son (Dickie Moore) and a rich playboy (Cary Grant). Dietrich is at her best as a conniving woman in 1890s Seville who gets her jollies making men lavish gifts and attention upon her, then destroying their lives, in "The Devil Is a Woman" (1935). Cesar Romero, Lionel Atwill also star. In order to nab a rich husband, French golddigger Dietrich fakes an illness at an 1840s New Orleans opera which draws the attention of a wealthy businessman and a rugged sea captain. Roland Young, Bruce Cabot co-star in "Flame of New Orleans" (1941). Finally, unruly Gypsy woman Dietrich finds romance with British officer Ray Milland, whom she helps through the Black Forest on a mission to stop a Nazi plan to use poison gas during World War II, in "Golden Earrings" (1947). 7 1/3 hrs. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH), French, Spanish; theatrical trailer.
Marlene Dietrich
Gary Cooper
Ray Milland
Marlene Dietrich
Bruce Cabot
Herbert Marshall
Lionel Atwill
Cary Grant
Edward Everett Horton
Roland Young
Murvyn Vye
Alison Skipworth
Dickie Moore
Bruce Lester
Mischa Auer
Andy Devine
Juliette Compton
Dennis Hoey
Gene Morgan
Cesar Romero
Don Alvarado
Quentin Reynolds
Rita La Roy
Frank Jenks
Albert Conti
Robert E. O'Connor
Tempe Piggott
Reinhold Schunzel
Eddie Quillan
Paco Moreno
Laura Hope Crews
Sidney Toler
Ivan Triesault
Franklin Pangborn
Michael Visaroff
Morgan Wallace
Hermine Sterler
Jill Dennett
Eric Feldary
Hattie McDaniel
Theresa Harris
Francis Sayles
Lawrence Grant
Emil Chautard
Clarence Muse
Fred Nurney
Otto Reichow
Melville Cooper
Hank Mann
Anne Revere
Gisela Werbiseck
Larry Simms
Donald Reed
Davison Clark
Bob Evans
Emily Fitzroy
Eddie Borden
Bessie Lyle
Abraham Polonsky
John dos Passos
Jules Furthman
Norman Krasna
S.K. Lauren
Virginia Sale
Brady Kline
Gordon Richards
Dewey Robinson
Dorothy Adams
Vernon Downing
Leslie Denison
Gertrude Short
Anthony Marlowe
Tony Ellis
Harold Berquist
Shemp Howard
Robert Cory
Al Bridge
Frank Sully
Marcelle Corday
Tony Paton
Hans Von Morhart
Mary Gordon
Henry Rowland
Gus Schilling
Joe Devlin
Eric Alden
William Yetter Sr.
Henry Guttman
Frank Moran
Cecil Cunningham
Jack Raymond
Sterling Holloway
Roberta Jonay
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Rex Evans
William Yetter Jr.
Robert Graves
Jerry Tucker
Billy Mitchell
Jon Gilbreath
James Kilgannon
Carmen Beretta
Charles Morton
Frank Johnson
Virginia Engels
James Guilfoyle
Maynard Holmes
Roy Harris
Harry Anderson
Mary Treen
Herbert Rawlinson
Caryl Lincoln
Charlotte Treadway
Reed Hadley
Jenifer Gray
Pepito Perez
George Sorel
Hans Schumm
Martha Bamattre
Jack Wilson
Charles Bates
John Dehner
Howard Mitchell
Arno Frey
John Good
Jack Worth
Walter Rode
Peter Seal
John Peters
Al Winters
Bob Stephenson
Henry Vroom
Directors: Rene Clair, Mitchell Leisen, Josef von Sternberg
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 4/4/2006
Item #: MCA028455
UPC #: 025192845529
SKU #: D67939
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR
Subtitles: ENG, FRE, SPA
Closed Caption: Yes

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