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Cirque Du Vampire the Concert
Format: DVD Genre: New Age, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Cirque Du Vampire the Concert

Cirque Du Vampire the Concert

Format: DVD Genre: New Age, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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I am Marston Smith. In 1993 a firestorm swept down the Malibu canyon that I live in. I thought I was prepared to stay and fight the fire because I had a fire pump, my old motorcycle goggles and a shovel.... but when the police cruiser drove by announcing mandatory evacuation I almost gave up and went with him...but I just couldn't leave the house that I built with my own two hands. It was too late anyway for the fire was here and it was insane. Instantly the fire swallowed up everything as houses and cars exploded and I ended up in the swimming pool under my rowboat that I had flipped over. But even the boat caught fire. The experience changed my outlook on life and for a couple of years could not really find anything I wanted to do. I had been a professional studio musician in Hollywood and that business was not fun anymore like it was in the 80's(sampled sounds were taking over). I had played cello on thousands of records and hundreds of films, from Earth Wind and Fire, BackStreetBoys, Michael Jackson, Manilow, Madonna, KISS, Neil Diamond, Stevie Woncer, Out of Africa and An Officer and a Gentlemen and suddenly I had lost interest in recording other people's music. I abandoned the cello. It was not until I discovered the art in European museums and cities that it clicked. I found I had a real passion for art....for the ancient world with it's courageous heroes and gods. I began to pursue my own journey with bronze sculpture and it allowed me to bring all of my dreams and creativity to life and here was something that would not vanish in a blink of an eye in the next Malibu wild fire. But I missed music in my life and after experimenting with the electric cello I came up with a formula that combined Art and Music and it equaled emotion. Developing the live show Cirque du Vampire, with all my art and music, has been a delight because I can create a world, a magical world, a Middle Earth of my own filled with fantasy and dreams.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 5/15/2012
Item #: 501266X
UPC #: 887516038525
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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