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Meike Live
Format: DVD Genre: Folk, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Meike Live

Meike Live

Format: DVD Genre: Folk, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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"Meike Koester finally is a just rising star in the songwriter-sky. Clearly the most memorable voice of the evening, Meike Koester needed little more than the first refrain to convince the audience." Oberhessische Presse "When koester is on stage the audience is hers. From the very beginning. But very quickly it's also clear that musically she doesn't want to be filed in a certain genre." Braunschweiger Zeitung "A one-woman-show one could think when Meike Koester enters the stage. In her own endearing way she quickly wins over the audience. [...] - koester masters all facets of rock music with ease and naturalness." Trierischer Volksfreund "In general you get the impression as if she occasionally makes up for several instruments through her tricky guitar technique. [...] It's a music that let's you forget the miles at night on the highway or one that turns the headwind on your bicycle into a gentle breeze. [...] Tenderly her voice nestles to the melodic chords, naturally, gently and stunningly charming. Still nothing sounds sappy or overly sentimental [...]" Peiner Allgemeine Zeitung "The Braunschweiger convinces first of all with her solid guitar playing and a voice that shimmers through it's various timbres. Out of the six strings she extracts a dynamic between melody and fierce chords that can fill a hall at any time. [Meike Koester] wins over her audience already during the first couple of songs, she chats, quips and seems very natural, [...]. Yet it is just that dynamic bite that suits her so well. When she thrashes on the strings and gets this rough voice that takes you by surprise and approaches in certain moments the vocal and instrumental expertise of an Ani DiFranco." Kieler Nachrichten "Her music is fun and puts you in a good mood and it's easy to see that she feels ultra comfortable on stage and in her music. [...] It's noticeable that voice and artist have ripened through a consistent routine over the years and also with the work on the [new] CD. She plays with her voice and the microphone and just comes across as really laid-back." Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung "Meike Koester, [...], is also an excellent guitar player. Her performance is like a crash course in possible ways to accompany oneself on the acoustic guitar [...]" Göttinger Tageblatt »If your CD collection boasts names like Patti Rothberg, Joan Osborne, Jewel or any of a slew of powerful female balladeers, you can't help but appreciate meike. Even the people playing pool stopped to listen when she performed. She sang softly, she scatted and she screamed...depending on the emotions of the song.« Creative Loafing (Savannah, GA, USA)
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 2/17/2009
Item #: 141735X
UPC #: 634479946950
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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