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Mission: Impossible: The Sixth TV Season
Format: DVD Genre: Television
Mission: Impossible: The Sixth TV Season

Mission: Impossible: The Sixth TV Season

Format: DVD Genre: Television
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Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to watch this classic 1966-73 CBS espionage series, as the members of the top-secret Impossible Missions Force take on dangerous assignments across the globe. Originally led by Dan Briggs (Steven Hill) and succeeded by Jim Phelps (Peter Graves), the team also included model and actress Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain), electronics expert Barney Collier (Greg Morris), and master-of-disguise Rollin Hand (Martin Landau). With Peter Lupus, Leonard Nimoy.

22 episodes on 6 discs. 18 2/3 hrs. rd; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital mono, Spanish Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Portuguese, Spanish.

Anthony Zerbe
Bert Convy
Bradford Dillman
Elizabeth Ashley
Fritz Weaver
Georg Stanford Brown
George Voskovec
Gerald O'Loughlin
Greg Morris
Jack Cassidy
James Gregory
Jason Evers
Joe Don Baker
Kevin McCarthy
Leonard Frey
Lou Antonio
Lynda Day George
Peter Graves
Peter Lupus
Richard Jaeckel
Steve Forrest
Susan Howard
Victor French
William Shatner
William Windom
Alan Bergmann
Alex Rocco
Allen Joseph
Anne Francine
Anthony Caruso
Arline Anderson
Arthur Batanides
Bert Freed
Bill Fletcher
Billy Dee Williams
Brad Dexter
Brett Parker
Brooke Mills
Bruce Watson
Charles Dierkop
Charles Napier
Christopher Stone
Dan Travanty
David Bond
Del Monroe
Demond Wilson
Dennis Cross
Dom Tattoli
Donald Moffat
Douglas Henderson
Ed Flanders
Eddie Ryder
Eric James
Felice Orlandi
François Ruggieri
Frank Christi
Frank Farmer
Frank Hotchkiss
Gene Otis
Gene Tyburn
Geoffrey Lewis
Grace Albertson
Gwen Mitchell
Gwil Richards
Harold J. Stone
Herb Edelman
Irene Tsu
Ivan Naranjo
J. Duke Russo
Jack Donner
James Daris
James W. Gavin
Jeff Morris
Jeremy Slate
Jock Gaynor
Joe E. Tata
Joe Maross
John Crawford
John Gilgreen
John Lasell
Jon Cypher
Lawrence Montaigne
Lawrence Z. Dane
Lee Delano
Lee Paul
Lew Brown
Lonny Chapman
Mark Tapscott
Maurice Marsac
Michael Baseleon
Mike Lane
Norman Alden
Paul Koslo
Paul Mantee
Paul Marin
Peter Brown
Richard Bull
Richard Devon
Richard Karlan
Rick Moses
Robert Colbert
Robert Ellenstein
Robert Mandan
Robert Miller Driscoll
Robert Patten
Robert Yuro
Ron Feinberg
Rudy Solari
Russ Conway
Sam Edwards
Sam Elliott
Scott Walker
Sharon Acker
Sidney Clute
Ted Gehring
Tom Bosley
Tom Stewart
Tom Tully
Val Avery
Valentin de Vargas
Vince Howard
Vincent Beck
Virginia Gregg
Walker Edmiston
Walter Barnes
Walter Burke
Warren Stevens
William Harmatz
William Smith
Woodrow Parfrey
Bruce Lansbury
Directors: Marvin J. Chomsky, John Llewellyn Moxey, Leonard Horn, Leslie Martinson, Reza S. Badiyi, Paul Krasny, Don McDougall, Barry Crane, Sutton Roley, Sutton Rolley
Studio: Paramount Box Sets
Release Date: 9/5/2012
Item #: 945216X
UPC #: 032429118233
Attributes: Boxed Set
Product Type: DVD

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