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Monkey Magic: Complete Tv Series
Format: DVD Genre: Anime-Japanese
Monkey Magic: Complete Tv Series

Monkey Magic: Complete Tv Series

Format: DVD Genre: Anime-Japanese
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Monkey Magic Complete TV Series (Monkey Magic Complete TV Series) Based on the legendary tale Journey to the West, Monkey Magic focuses on Goku, a monkey torn between becoming a savior to his people and a lone, arrogant warrior. Born from a mysterious meteor that crash-lands on Mount Flower Fruit, Goku has an indestructible head and a stubborn streak. He becomes the leader of his people and tries to protect them from the local humans who would steal their resources. Spurred on by his own ambition and the whisperings of Batty, an evil minion of the ruler of the Underworld, Goku sets off to learn magic and become the strongest being in the universe. He acquires various amazing skills and returns home to save his friends, but his violent revenge against the humans angers the deities in the Celestial Realm. They send a fleet against him and more, but after several spectacular battles, the gods try a new tack, inviting Goku and his friends for a visit to paradise. When what starts as a lark eventually sparks a more destructive war than ever before, can even the two most powerful deities in Buddhism put a stop to the mad monkey's rampage? Will Goku ever be at peace with others as well as himself? This release includes the complete TV series with the original English dub, and the Japanese language with English subtitles! Format: Animated, Color, NTSC Language: Japanese Dubbed: English Number of discs: 2
Studio: Discotek Media
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 9/25/2018
Item #: 2083801X
UPC #: 875707500029
Product Type: DVD

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