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W.A. Mozart: The Complete Operas
Format: DVD Genre: Classical Artists
W.A. Mozart: The Complete Operas

W.A. Mozart: The Complete Operas

Format: DVD Genre: Classical Artists
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"Mozart: The Complete Operas" Various Artists - As a companion to the 200-CD Mozart 225 box, Decca and DG re-release the deluxe 33-DVD set of the complete Mozart operas as staged at the 2006 Salzburg Festival. Included in the set is every opera and Singspiel, rarities and scenic fragments, plus "making-of" bonus material, artist interviews and rehearsal excerpts, all of which is presented in High-Definition and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. 112 solo performers, 14 directors and 16 conductors including 12 orchestras pay tribute to Mozart's genius. - 1. Intrada, 2. Recitativo "Amice! Iam parata sunt omnia" (Hyacinthus, Zephyrus, Oebalus, Melia), 3. Numen o Latonium!, 4. Recitativo "Heu me! #perimus!" (Melia, Oebalus, Hyacinthus, Zephyrus), 5. Saepe terrent Numina, 6. "Apollo vestras audit", 7. Iam pastor Apollo, 8. Galimathias musicum, K. 32: V. Pastorella, 9. Recit: Amare numquid filia, 10. Laetari, iocari 11. Recit: Rex! #de salute filii est actum, 12. En! #duos conspicis, 13. Recitativo "Heu! Numen! #ecce!" (Zephyrus, Melia, Apollo), 14. No. 6 Duetto "Discede crudelis!" (Melia, Apollo), 15. Galimathias musicum, K. 32: I. Allegro molto - II. Andante, 16. Recit: Non est - Quis ergo, 17. Ut navis in aequore luxuriante, 18. "O rex! Amicum rapuit" Recitativo, 19. Natus cadit, 20. Recit: Rex! #me redire cogit
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Studio: Decca
Release Date: 12/9/2016
Item #: 1751803X
UPC #: 044007439029
Attributes: Boxed Set
Product Type: DVD

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