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  • S.O.S. Titanic , David Janssen

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    • (1979)
    • Features: Special Edition, 2 Pack
    • Starring: David Janssen, Beverly Ross
    • Studio: KL Studio Classics
    • Genre: Drama, Biography
    • Release Date: 10/13/2020
    • Compelling re-creation of the 1912 downing of the "unsinkable" luxury liner, that was to have been the jewel in the crown of the British shipping industry, only to meet its end in the depths of the... more
    List Price: $19.95
    Price: $16.96
    You Save: $2.99 (15%)
  • The Chalk Garden , Deborah Kerr

    • (1964)
    • Features: Blu-ray
    • Starring: Deborah Kerr, Hayley Mills
    • Studio: KL Studio Classics
    • Genre: Drama
    • Release Date: 10/13/2020
    • At her wit’s end with the loudly defiant teenaged granddaughter (Hayley Mills) acting out her resentments at her oft-absent mother (Elizabeth Sellars), a British matriarch (Edith Evans) opens her... more
    List Price: $24.95
    Price: $21.21
    You Save: $3.74 (15%)
  • DeepStar Six , Taurean Blacque

    • (1989)
    • Features: Special Edition
    • Starring: Taurean Blacque, Nancy Everhard
    • Studio: KL Studio Classics
    • Genre: Science Fiction
    • Release Date: 10/13/2020
    • There’s something deadly in Davey Jones’ locker (and it isn’t Gorgo’s old gym stuff). On the experimental undersea base DeepStar Six, a group of engineers and scientists installing a nuclear missile... more
    List Price: $29.95
    Price: $25.46
    You Save: $4.49 (15%)
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