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Nova: Mind Over Money
Format: DVD Genre: TV Variety & Misc, Special Interest-Documentary
Nova: Mind Over Money

Nova: Mind Over Money

Format: DVD Genre: TV Variety & Misc, Special Interest-Documentary
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In the wake of the worst financial crisis in a generation NOVA investigates what science can tell US about the way we make crucial financial decisions. Traditional economics has little to say about our spending saving and investing habits except to assume that we all act rationally-a notion that seems wildly improbable in the current turmoil on Wall Street and beyond. But there's a new breakthrough in social science-behavioral finance-that's taking a more realistic look at our attitudes to money by bringing cognitive psychology and even neuroscience into economics. In a timely and lively exploration NOVA's Behavioral Economics recreates behavioral finance's most surprising findings and compelling experiments. These include wiring up Wall Street traders so we can watch their brain scans as they buy and sell stocks exposing a seething interplay of brain activity patterns linked to reason and emotion. Other tests show how too much consumer choice-for instance between similar brands at a supermarket-can overwhelm our ability to make good decisions. With the help of mini-dramas following real people as they grapple with real financial decisions Behavioral Economics shows how new theories are revealing unexpected insights into our emotions and behavior in a time of unprecedented crisis in the marketplace.
Director: Malcolm Clark
Studio: PBS (Direct)
Release Date: 6/29/2010
Item #: PBS006204
UPC #: 841887012379
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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