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NOVA: Prediction By The Numbers
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
NOVA: Prediction By The Numbers

NOVA: Prediction By The Numbers

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
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NOVA: Prediction by the Numbers Predictions underlie nearly every aspect of our lives, from sports, politics, and medical decisions to the morning commute. With the explosion of digital technology, the Internet, and "big data," the science of forecasting is flourishing. But why do some predictions succeed spectacularly while others fail abysmally? And how can we find meaningful patterns amidst chaos and uncertainty? In a fascinating, fast-paced investigation, NOVA takes viewers from the glitz of casinos and TV game shows to the life-and-death stakes of storm forecasts and the flaws of opinion polls that can swing an election. Prediction by the Numbers explores compelling success stories of statistics in action: how baseball legend Billy Beane developed the recruiting techniques made famous by "Moneyball" to transform the fortunes of major league teams. Yet advances in machine learning and "big data" models that increasingly rule our lives are also posing big, disturbing questions. How much should we trust "black box" predictions made by computers when we don't understand how they arrive at them? And how far can we really forecast how our future world will turn out? Length: 60 minutes on 1 Disc As Seen on PBS
Director: Daniel McCabe
Studio: PBS (Direct)
Release Date: 5/15/2018
Item #: 2007262X
UPC #: 841887036061
Product Type: DVD

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