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One in a Million (1936)
Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical), Comedy Video
One in a Million

One in a Million

Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical), Comedy Video
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Olympic gold medalist Sonja Henie made her Hollywood debut in this musical-comedy boasting dazzling icebound sequences. She's a skater training for the Olympics (surprise!) who is discovered in Switzerland by talent agent Adolphe Menjou and brought to America to star in ice shows. The Ritz Brothers, Don Ameche co-star; songs include "We're Back in Circulation Again." 94 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Sonja Henie
Adolphe Menjou
Jean Hersholt
Ned Sparks
Don Ameche
Ritz Brothers
Borrah Minevitch
Al Ritz
Borrah Minnevitch
Harry Ritz
Holmes Herbert
Jimmy Ritz
Leonard Praskins
Mark Kelly
Robert W. Frazer
The Ritz Brothers [Al Jimmy Harry]
The Ritz Brothers [Al, Jimmy, Harry]
Arline Judge
Dixie Dunbar
Leah Ray
Shirley Deane
Montagu Love
Albert Conti
Julius Tannen
June Gale
Lillian Porter
Helen Ericson
Diane Cook
Bonnie Bannon
June Wilkins
Clarice Sherry
Pauline Craig
Margot Webster
Frederick Giermann
Egon Brecher
Paul McVey
Bess Flowers
Bert Sprotte
Albert Morin
Palmer Morrison
Mary Bracken
Emily Fitzpatrick
Gus Hyland
Bob Layton
Bob Heasley
Art Manuel
H. E. Schaller
Bob Parrish
Nat Harty
Hal Welling
Aileen Riggin
Earl Robson
Fran Sawyer
James Sisk
Martha Manning
Lindsay Chambers
Vivian Cox
Margaret Fitzpatrick
Dorothy Hope
Betty Kiss
Alma Johnson
John McDonald
Grant Peasley
Aaron Phillips
Don Maxwell
Matt Farrell
Frank Chase
Lloyd Carlos
Marianne Brudie
Valerie Traxler
Kathleen Turner
Frank Abel
Gordon Merrick
Annabelle Brudie
Ann Taylor
Hope Taylor
Bright Stanley
Marie Stewart
Alice Stombs
Virginia Ray
Jeanne Robinson
Louise Seidel
Lucille Stafford
Dickie Moore
Jerre Murphy
Adele Pearce
Patsy Perrin
Patricia Monroe
Dagmar Moody
Patsy Lee
Mary Jane Hodge
Adelaide Kaye
Crystal Keate
Lynne Kelly
Joyce Hinds
Alyce Gaering
Joan Gray
Josephine Hall
Edith Haskins
Clarette Ellis
Julie Cabanne
Peggy Carroll
Marian Duval
Kathryn Barnes
Sue Barstead
Harriet Bertrand
Louise Allen
Rudy Shaves
Russ Silver
Marvin Sleeper
Robert Spencer
Léon Vallée
Bob Weldon
Kenny Williams
Sam Rice Jr.
Al Siegel
Jimmy Natarro
Emmett O'Brien
Bob Milton
Jack Morton
Don Ackerman
Ward Arnold
John Benson
Carlyle Blackwell Jr.
Jack Boyle
Ted Bradford
Bill Brande
Les Clark
Jackie Coogan
Jimmy Gonzalez
Ron Dexter
Jerry James
Allen Mathews
Sidney Lanfield
Darryl F. Zanuck
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Studio: Fox Mod
Release Date: 12/17/2013
Item #: 904204X
UPC #: 024543921790
SKU #: D33174
Attributes: Black & White, Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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