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Ottawa Valley Stepdancing With April Verch
Format: DVD Genre: Folk
Ottawa Valley Stepdancing With April Verch

Ottawa Valley Stepdancing With April Verch

Format: DVD Genre: Folk
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April Verch was born, raised, and now lives in Pembroke, Ontario (in the Ottawa Valley). Pembroke, where her family has lived for generations, is an area with a rich, distinctive musical and stepdancing tradition shaped by the diverse roots of the immigrants drawn to the region's lumber camps. Following in the footsteps of her older sister, she began taking stepdancing lessons when she was three; drawn to the fiddle too, she began studying it at age six. April won championships in both fiddling and stepdancing as a child, went on to pursue her dreams of making her career as a full time performer, and has been touring the world professionally with the April Verch Band since 2000. This DVD is intended to teach you the basics of the Ottawa Valley Stepdancing style. No experience or special equipment is required, just a desire to move to the music and have fun! Stepdancing is great exercise and was what some of the earliest settlers in Canada used to relax, socialize and have fun. April will teach you the basic moves, and then a routine comprised of 16 steps. She breaks each step down both slowly and quickly, both with and without music. Through April's clear method of teaching you will learn proper technique and how to practice effectively. She also leaves you with some tips on the "double shuffle", a more advanced technique, that will be very useful when you progress to the next level! The DVD ends with April improvising a stepdance routine to give you a sample of what you can look forward to as you continue along your stepdancing journey. Whether you are looking for exercise and fun, or hoping to develop a strong base for this style of stepdancing, this DVD will leave you with the fundamentals you need!
April Verch
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 2/25/2014
Item #: 1104589X
UPC #: 700261399201
Product Type: DVD

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