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Pedestals Jibs & Camera Lights
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Educational
Pedestals Jibs & Camera Lights

Pedestals Jibs & Camera Lights

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Educational
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Focuses on Pedestals, Jibs, and Camera Lights with David Butler from Ste-Man (Cartoni and PAG). Dollies get you closer to the subject in a more dynamic smooth manner. But a jib maintains that movement vertically when you need to rise up with an actor getting out of a chair or car, or going upstairs. Learn about jibs, axes of motion and use techniques. Teaches use of on-camera battery operated lights in low interior illumination situations when you can't raise ambient light level or use studio lights. Learn filter accessories and battery systems and chemistries to match. Covers the ease of use of a studio pedestal with a vertical pneumatic lift. Learn bleeding excess pressure, maneuvering and operation. In an underwater or part water shot, learn how to use an underwater bag. Finally, with the use of body-mounted camera support offering a full range of motion when you don't need or can't afford a full steadicam, learn how to mount and operate the popular PAG Orbitor body mounted system. Teaches: Studio Pedestals, Compact Jibs, On-Camera Lights, Dichroic Filters, Diffusing Eye-Lights, 3-Wheel Dollies, Battery Chemistry, Underwater Bags, Body mounted systems and much more.
Studio: TMW Media Group
Release Date: 2/28/2012
Item #: 190226X
UPC #: 709629099944
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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