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Perry Mason: Season 1 Volume 1 (1957)
Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
Perry Mason: Season 1 Volume 1

Perry Mason: Season 1 Volume 1

Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
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Erle Stanley Gardner's ever-resourceful attorney was brought to TV in this popular 1957-66 CBS series. Raymond Burr starred as Mason, a defense lawyer who used his keen legal mind--along with help from faithful secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale) and private investigator Paul Drake (William Hopper)--to outsmart witnesses and trick them into admitting their guilt. William Talman also starred.

19 episodes on 5 discs. 16 2/3 hrs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.

Adam Williams
Al Hopson
Alexander Price
Anne Barton
Barbara Eden
Barry Atwater
Brian G. Hutton
Bruce Cowling
Carl Betz
Carol Kelly
Caroline Leigh
Catherine McLeod
Chester Stratton
Christine White
Clem Bevans
Dan Seymour
Darryl Hickman
David Lewis
Don Randolph
Doris Singleton
Douglas Dick
Douglas Kennedy
Frances Bavier
Fredd Wayne
Gary Vinson
Geraldine Wall
Gertrude Michael
Gloria McGhee
Grant Richards
Greta Thyssen
Harry Landers
Hillary Brooke
Hugh Sanders
James Anderson
James Griffith
James Maloney
Jane Buchanan
Jean Willes
Joan Banks
Joan Weldon
John Archer
John Hubbard
John McNamara
John Stephenson
Judith Braun
Judy Tyler
June Dayton
Karen Steele
Kay Faylen
Kipp Hamilton
Maggie Hayes
Malcolm Atterbury
Marc Krah
Mark Roberts
Mary Castle
Michael Emmet
Nadja Posey
Nancy Gates
Nancy Hadley
Nolan Leary
Olive Sturgess
Patricia Hardy
Paul Fix
Peggie Castle
Peggy Converse
Peggy Maley
Peter Leeds
Ralph Moody
Raymond Greenleaf
Richard Hale
Robert Bice
Robert Clarke
Robert Cornthwaite
Robert Ellenstein
Robert Griffin
Robert Osterloh
Roxanne Arlen
Sarah Selby
Scott Elliott
Sidney Clute
Sue England
Susan Cummings
Susan Morrow
Sylvia Field
Victor Sutherland
Virginia Gregg
Walter Coy
Whit Bissell
Willard Sage
William Roerick
William Schallert
Ray Collins
Dick Rich
William Hopper
Vaughn Taylor
Raymond Burr
Barbara Hale
Whitney Blake
Ralph Clanton
William Talman
Addison Richards
Brett Halsey
Carolyn Craig
Clark Howat
Claudia Bryar
Connie Cezon
Cyril Delevanti
Dawn Richard
Don Beddoe
Douglas Evans
Eric Sinclair
Eve McVeagh
Forrest Lewis
Francis McDonald
Frank Wilcox
George Neise
Hal Taggart
Harlan Warde
Harry Hickox
Harry Jackson
Helen Mayon
Helen Mowery
Helen Westcott
Helene Stanley
Henry Corden
Henry Hunter
Herb Vigran
Howard Wendell
James Gavin
James McCallion
James Nusser
James Seay
Jamie Forster
Jean Howell
Joe Abdullah
John Brinkley
John Cliff
John Holland
Joi Lansing
K.L. Smith
Keith Alan
Kenneth MacDonald
Lillian Bronson
Lyle Latell
Lyn Guild
Maurice Manson
Maurice McEndree
Michael Fox
Minerva Urecal
Morris Ankrum
Nesdon Booth
Olive Blakeney
Paul Brinegar
Paul Bryar
Paul Cavanaugh
Paula Winslow
Peg Whitman
Perry Ivins
Peter Nelson
Pierre Watkin
Rebecca Welles
Robert Carson
Robert Tafur
Robin Morse
Rusty Lane
Rusty Westcoatt
Sherwood Price
Steven Geray
Sydney Smith
Thomas Brown Henry
Tony Michaels
Tyler McVey
Walter Reed
William Challee
Jack Gargan
Norman Leavitt
Grandon Rhodes
Gloria Henry
Directors: Jack Arnold, William D. Russell, Lewis Allen, Don Weis, James Goldstone, Robert Ellis Miller, Ted Post, Laslo Benedek, Christian Nyby
Studio: Paramount
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 7/11/2006
Item #: PRD088781
UPC #: 097368878143
SKU #: D68289
Attributes: Full Frame, Black & White, Sensormatic
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR
Closed Caption: Yes

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