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Perry Mason: Season 2 Volume 2 (1959)
Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
Perry Mason: Season 2 Volume 2

Perry Mason: Season 2 Volume 2

Format: DVD Genre: TV Crime
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The remaining 15 episodes from the second season─including "The Case of the Fraudulent Foto," "The Case of the Jaded Joker," "The Case of the Lost Last Act," "The Case of the Spanish Cross," and "The Case of the Lame Canary"─are featured in a four-disc set. 13 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono. **15 episodes on 4 discs. 13 hrs.**
Albert Linville
Andrea King
Ann Rutherford
Anthony Joachim
Arthur Space
Barbara Hale
Barry Atwater
Barry McGuire
Benson Fong
Betsy Jones-Moreland
Biff Elliot
Bobby Troup
Carl Benton Reid
Dean Harens
Dennis Patrick
Dick Foran
Dolores Donlon
Don Randolph
Elaine Edwards
Ellen Corby
Fintan Meyler
Francis McDonald
Frankie Laine
George Neise
Geraldine Wall
Harry Ellerbe
Harry Jackson
Jacques Aubuchon
James Philbrook
Jean Willes
Jerome Cowan
Joan Tabor
Joanne Gilbert
John Agar
John Anderson
John Bryant
John Holland
Jonathan Kidd
Josephine Hutchinson
K.T. Stevens
Kasey Rogers
Katherine Bard
Ken Lynch
King Calder
Mala Powers
Marianne Stewart
Marion Ross
Max Adrian
Maxine Cooper
Nan Leslie
Neil Hamilton
Norman Alden
Patricia Cutts
Peter Miles
Phillip Terry
R.G. Armstrong
Rebecca Welles
Robert Ellenstein
Robert Knapp
Robert McQueeney
Robert Rockwell
Robert Strauss
Sara Haden
Stacy Graham
Stacy Harris
Susan Cummings
Tom Drake
Vaughn Taylor
Walter Burke
William H. Wright
William Hopper
William Kendis
William Talman
Ray Collins
Wilton Graff
Hugh Marlowe
Raymond Burr
Bartlett Robinson
Carole Mathews
June Clayworth
Allen Case
Anthony Eustrel
Barney Biro
Barry Trivers
Berry Kroeger
Charles Tannen
Chet Stratton
Connie Cezon
David Lewis
Dick Crane
Don Brinkley
Donald Dillaway
Ed Prentiss
Emerson Treacy
Evelyn Scott
Frederic Worlock
Gene Blakely
George E. Stone
Grace Raynor
Harlan Warde
Herb Ellis
Herman Rudin
Jack Daly
Jamie Forster
Jennifer Howard
Joan Vohs
Joey Faye
Jon Lormer
Jonathan Hole
Judy Lewis
Kathryn Card
Kathryn Givney
Lee Miller
Leo Gordon
Linda Watkins
Lynne Allen
Martha Vickers
Mary Laroche
Michael Dante
Michael Fox
Morris Ankrum
Myron Healey
Nancy Kulp
Norma Moore
Patrick McVey
Paul Cavanaugh
Peter Garey
Pitt Herbert
Ralph Moody
Raymond Bailey
Richard Erdman
Richard Gaines
Robert Nichols
Rosa Turich
Russell Thorson
S. John Launer
Thomas Brown Henry
Tom Brown
Tom Greenway
Vito Scotti
William Swan
Herbert Anderson
Kenneth MacDonald
Peter Brocco
Mark Roberts
Carol Nugent
Sam Katzman
Directors: Buzz Kulik, Andrew V. McLaglen, Arthur Marks, Gerd Oswald, Arthur Hiller, William D. Russell
Studio: Paramount
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 11/13/2007
Item #: PRD085229
UPC #: 097368522947
SKU #: D53334
Attributes: Full Frame, Slim Pack, Slipsleeve Packaging, Sensormatic
Product Type: DVD
Rating: UNR
Closed Caption: Yes

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