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Peter Sellers: 5-Film Collection (1959)
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
Peter Sellers: 5-Film Collection

Peter Sellers: 5-Film Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
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Peter Sellers shines in a collection of five of his funniest films. The delightful Boulting Brothers satire "Carlton-Browne of the F.O." (1959) follows the mad scramble of diplomats, businessmen, and revolutionaries to a remote British-owned island after valuable mineral deposits are found there. Sellers, Terry-Thomas, Luciana Paluzzi star. AKA: "Man in the Cocked Hat." Next, wealthy Ian Carmichael takes a job at his family's factory and inadvertently upsets a devious scheme set up by his uncle and his partner. Sellers plays a radical union shop steward in the satire "I'm All Right, Jack" (1959). The comic caper "Two-Way Stretch" (1960) finds pampered prisoner Peter planning a diamond heist that involves him and his two cellmates breaking out of─then back into─jail, giving them an airtight alibi. David Lodge, Bernard Cribbins, Wilfred Hyde-White co-star. And, Sellers is a good-hearted preacher whose attempts to help the residents of a small industrial town are mired by greedy big-business shareholders, in "Heavens Above!" (1963). Five-disc set also includes "The Smallest Show on Earth." 8 hrs. total. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers
Bill Travers
Ian Carmichael
Pater Sellers
Cecil Parker
Virginia McKenna
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Richard Attenborough
Isabel Jeans
Leslie Phillips
Luciana Paoluzzi
Bernard Cribbins
Eric Sykes
Thorley Walters
Dennis Price
Maurice Denham
Bernard Miles
Ian Bannon
Brock Peters
Lionel Jeffries
Miles Malleson
Margaret Rutherford
Irene Handl
Raymond Huntley
Francis de Wolff
Liz Fraser
June Cunningham
Liz Frazer
Miriam Karlin
George Woodbridge
Kynaston Reeves
Joan Miller
Cyril Chamberlain
Marie Lohr
Edwin Brown
Eric Barker
John Le Mesurier
Marne Maitland
Roy Kinnear
Stringer Davis
John Glyn-Jones
Michael Corcoran
Nicholas Parsons
Beryl Reid
Victor Maddern
Kenneth Griffith
Noel Hood
Fred Griffiths
Ronald Adam
William Hartnell
Joan Hickson
Sam Kydd
Mark Eden
Michael Ward
Malcolm Muggeridge
Walter Hudd
Olga Dickie
Terry Scott
E. V. H. Emmett
Tim Brinton
John Wood
James Dyrenforth
Basil Dignam
Robert James
Warren Mitchell
Ian Wilson
Harry Locke
Nicholas Phipps
Wallas Eaton
Ronnie Stevens
Larry Taylor
Martin Boddey
Brian Oulton
Andrew Downie
Maurice Colbourne
William Abney
Colin Gordon
Joan Heal
John Vivyan
Marjie Lawrence
Esma Cannon
Olive Sloane
Henry Longhurst
Wally Patch
Alun Owen
Conrad Phillips
Frank Phillips
David Lodge
Cardew Robinson
Elsie Wagstaff
Keith L Smith
Kenneth J. Warren
Howard Pays
John Comer
Drewe Henley
Billy Milton
John Harvey
John Van Eyssen
Michael Bates
Robert Bruce
Eynon Evans
Robert Young
Roy Purcell
Marianne Stone
Edie Martin
Margaret Lacey
Alan Wilson
Directors: John Boulting, Robert Day, Roy Boulting, Basil Dearden
Studio: Lions Gate
Release Date: 2/3/2009
Item #: LGE024930
UPC #: 012236102052
SKU #: D55729
Attributes: Gift Set, 5PC
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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