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Pre-Code Hollywood Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Comedy Video
Pre-Code Hollywood Collection

Pre-Code Hollywood Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Comedy Video
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The Cheat (1931), a remake of the 1915 C.B. DeMille silent, is a racy (for its time) melodrama about a socialite who loses big money by gambling. Tallulah Bankhead, Harvey Stephens star. "Merrily We Go to Hell" (1932) follows an alcoholic playwright (Fredric March) who shatters his marriage vows. With Adrianne Allen, Sylvia Sydney, and Cary Grant. On a "Hot Saturday" (1932), Nancy Carroll loses her job over rumors connecting her to Grant and Randolph Scott. With Lili Bond, Edward Woods. A sullied "Torch Singer" (1933) looks for redemption on a children's radio show. Claudette Colbert, David Manners star. A killer tries to destroy the famous "Earl Carroll's Vanities" Broadway stage show, in "Murder at the Vanities" (1934). Victor McLaglen, Kitty Carlisle star. Con men peddling a fitness magazine conduct a "Search for Beauty" (1934) that turns up Buster Crabbe and Ida Lupino, among other Olympic athletes showing the kind of skin the Production Code would later frown upon. With Robert Armstrong, Gertrude Michael. 7 3/4 hrs. total on three discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH), French, Spanish; featurette; Production Code repro.
Claudette Colbert
Cary Grant
Sylvia Sidney
Tallulah Bankhead
Larry "Buster" Crabbe
Carl Brisson
Nancy Carroll
Fredric March
Ricardo Cortez
Victor McLaglen
Ida Lupino
Harvey Stephens
Robert Armstrong
Randolph Scott
Irving Pichel
David Manners
Jack Oakie
Adrianne Allen
Skeets Gallagher
Lyda Roberti
Jay Fassett
Edward Woods
Kitty Carlisle
James Gleason
Lillian Bond
George Irving
Ann Andrews
Dorothy Stickney
Baby LeRoy
William Collier Sr.
Charley Grapewin
William Ingersoll
Gertrude Michael
Esther Howard
Jane Darwell
Jessie Ralph
Hanaki Yoshiwara
Florence Britton
Bradley Page
Sam Godfrey
Willard Dashiell
Chas. B. Middleton
Charles Coleman
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Stanley Smith
Florence Roberts
Nora Cecil
Rita La Roy
Edward Keane
Gail Patrick
Virginia Hammond
Robert Strange
Donald Meek
Rose Coghlan
Mildred Washington
Kent Taylor
Henry Warwick
Leonard Carey
Toby Wing
Oscar Apfel
Cora Sue Collins
Eddie Gribbon
Jessie Arnold
Arthur Hohl
Helen Jerome Eddy
Duke Ellington's orchestra
Milla Davenport
Albert Conti
Robert Greig
Roscoe Karns
Grady Sutton
Otto Hoffman
Reverend Neal Dodd
Charles McAvoy
Ethel Griffies
Verna Hillie
Del Henderson
Mildred Boyd
Beryl Wallace
Phil Dunham
Barbara Fritchie
Kathleen Burke
Harry Stubbs
Lona Andre
Davison Clark
William B. Davidson
Ara Haswell
Colin Tapley
Tammany Young
William Arnold
Arthur Rankin
Edward J. LeSaint
Cecil Weston
Monya Andre
Hal Greene
Charles Williams
Teru Shimada
William Norton Bailey
Ted Oliver
Mildred Gover
Stanley Blystone
Mike Pat Donovan
Howard Mitchell
Wanda Perry
Virginia Davis
Directors: Alexander Hall, Dorothy Arzner, George Abbott, Mitchell Leisen, George Somnes, Erle C. Kenton, William A. Seiter
Studio: Universal Studios
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 4/7/2009
Item #: MCA050519
UPC #: 025195051910
SKU #: D00130
Attributes: Gift Set, Full Frame, Dolby, Digipack Packaging
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Subtitles: ENG, FRE, SPA
Closed Caption: Yes

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