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Transitions - Complete Set
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
Transitions - Complete Set

Transitions - Complete Set

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest
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Dear Fellow Martial Artist, I want to thank you for your interest in The Transitions DVD set. It was my goal in making these videos to provide you with methods and techniques that will enhance your performance and successful practice of JuJitsu. Today's martial artist needs not only to perfect the techniques or kata arts but there is also a big push today to become more effective from a self defense perspective. I propose that self defense skills come from perfected kata. Furthermore, I've given drills to instill these principles inherent within the kata. Done with proper training, the drills within these tapes will go a long way toward giving you the self defense abilities you may need. In The Transitions Set, I'm offering specific drills and concepts that will make your basic kata more effective. These drills will help you bridge the gap between kata and self defense function. Regarding the larger picture, I included other practices that will have a positive benefit on your general health, mental equilibrium and overall outlook in life. Practiced regularly, aspects such as frame, extension, relaxation, etc., will aid in all aspects of your life, be it physical, mental or spiritual. It is my fondest wish these videos serve you well. I want to thank you again for purchasing this set and do not hesitate to write or call me with your thoughts and or concerns. Mahalo Nui Loa, Professor Robert Hudson Detailed descriptions: Mastering Frame: "Remain calm under the upraised sword" - In his Mokuroku, Okazaki advised his students that it is necessary to acquire certain principles in order to be effective at JuJitsu. For instance, he emphasized the importance of achieving the state of "Kyoshin Tankai", spontaneous and free movement both physically and mentally. We are all looking for ways to be more effective with our art. This tape addresses this concern and helps you achieve the conditions that Okazaki gave such great significance. Proper stance is the first principle addressed in this tape. This simple, yet often neglected training gives you balance and correct positioning when executing techniques. This, in turn, leads to proper control of your arts. From this training you can achieve mental equilibrium, which is vital to success when all "Hell" breaks loose. JuJitsu is in the acquiring of your opponent 's balance while preserving your own stability. Problems with this concept are the root of many of the problems in being effective both physically and mentally. Without proper balance, learning endless techniques and drills will not give you the desired result of being effective and successful. These fundamental concepts of posture and position are followed by an introduction to basic patterns and drills in Blocking, Yawara, Nage, and Shime in order to utilize and cultivate these principles. HIGHLIGHTS • Development Of Frame • Wooden Man Drill • Sensitivity Drills • Blocking Patterns • Functional Universal Post • Yawara Patterns • Nage Drills • Shime Drills Intro Mastering Ju: If you are going down rapids and resist them, you may well lose your life, but if you go with the flow of the rapids, you will surely preserve your life - Professor Okazaki used this allegory to illustrate the principle of Ju, the art of yielding. Going with the motion instead of resisting it. Resolving conflict by going around obstacles instead of meeting confrontations head on. This is the key to success in JuJitsu. The word Yawara represents both the concept of yielding and the fundamental course of techniques in Danzan Ryu. A strong foundation in Yawara is crucial to your development in the art. Cultivation of Sutemi is another primary way of attaining the ability to yield. Sutemi is defined as sacrificing your position in order to ultimately persevere. Your ability to Sutemi well will determine your success or failure in the performance and understanding of JuJitsu. The concept of Ju is further explored by the practice of Monshiai, which enables the practice of otherwise dangerous DZR techniques in a safe environment for exploration and application of concepts in a free play situation. Further, an important aspect in training is cultivating one's inner strength, or Ki, in addition to general muscle and cardiovascular conditioning. Okazaki's Kowami exercises are a basic starting point for Ki development, as well as physical conditioning to prepare yourself to practice JuJitsu. HIGHLIGHTS • Kowami Exercises • Sutemi Practice • Stance Principles • Yawara Techniques • Combination Patterns • Monshiai (Free Play) Mastering Attachment: Once someone gets ahold of you, then never let them go - Professor Raymond Law's statement illustrates the important concept of attachment. Once you touch someone or they touch you, you must never break that contact, it is your vehicle for sensitivity and control. By maintaining good frame and applying good yielding skills, you can utilize that attachment and you will be able to perform your techniques effectively. Successful throwing and pinning techniques must have good timing, speed and power, however, correct and proper positioning is even more important. If the connection becomes weak or compromised at any time within your execution of an art, you become vulnerable and can be effectively countered. Any gap or space is an opening for an escape or release. Therefore, maintaining a good solid attachment throughout your arts is crucial. This tape builds on the important concepts of frame and yielding, and explores the idea of attachment in relation to the principles and techniques of Nage, Shime and the arts of Goshin Jitsu as well as additional combination patterns. Monshiai training is also further developed with the incorporation of Nage and Shime to the free play scenario allowing you to cultivate and experiment with the concepts taught. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS TAPE • Transition Principles • Nage No Kata • Shime No Kata • Goshin Jitsu • Combination Patterns • Monshiai (Free Play) ---------------------------------------------- OTHER TITLES BY PROF HUDSON • Shoden 1 - Yawara • Shoden 2 - Nage Te • Shoden 3 - Shime Te.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/1/2008
Item #: SRD999218
UPC #: 634479992186
Product Type: DVD

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