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Pulp City (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Pulp City (Original Soundtrack)

Pulp City (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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"This Is Pulp City" by TW Cory was the sixth and final "single" from Pulp City - The Soundtrack. 'Take a walk down the crowded Sunset Blvd. Pulp City is as hot and humid as Miami before a storm. Pulp City is as dangerous as New York City before Giuliani. Crave for the sea breeze and the shade of palm trees and pray you don't end up in the middle of a clash between Villains and Heroes.' This excerpt from the Pulp City Player's Guide and notes from Pulp City creator, Maciej Zylewicz, was the inspiration for Pulp City - The Soundtrack's title theme. This sound machine track was TW Cory's first composition for the project and helped fuel the rest of the soundtrack. '...get your Heroes and Villains out on the streets and fight for supremacy...' ...This Is Pulp City! Theme - Welcome to Pulp City! "The Aliens Are Coming!" by Stratos was the second "single" from this soundtrack. For hundreds of years humanity has posed the question, "are we alone in the universe?" Over the past hundred years or so, aliens and extra-terrestrials have infiltrated popular culture in books, comics, radio, television, and movies. In the game setting of Pulp City, the Ulthar are the alien threat and this one of their songs on the soundtrack. Theme - The perfect song for any alien invasion. "Dirtbags of the City" by TW Cory is a theme song for the New Port location. "Lurking in the Black" by Stratos and TW Cory was the fourth promotional "single" from album. This song is one of many collaborative compositions on the album. The duo began writing music together on Deterioration Furthers in 2004. This song is can be used to help set the tone for Scourge and his Necroplane Supremes. 'There is a parallel plane of existence where the dead rule, and these dead need life essence to thrive. Since they are sort of low on it these days, their government, the dreaded Lords of Necroplane, developed a new policy: punch a hole in the fabric of reality and sip on our energy!' Theme - Dark and strange things await you in the Necroplane. "Gator Bait Ramble" by TW Cory is a rootsy song perfect for setting the tone for the Black Swamp in the world of Pulp City or any bayou area. "Mysteries of Kodo Island" by TW Cory is a theme song for the strange and bizarre Kodo Island location. Television shows like LOST and locations like the Savage Lands (Marvel's X-Men comics) are similar in theme and inspiration. "Assimilate" by TW Cory is a theme song for the faction of heroes referred to as Heavy Metal. "Future Echoes [Pulp City mix]" by Stratos was the first promotional "single" released to promote this album. This mix is intended to be background music while you play - no specific faction or location intended. The original mix of the song was a theme song for the online superhero comic book called Futur Eko and can be found on Stratos' Odds and Ends, Rarities & Remixes album that released in early 2009. "Blvd. Drift" by Stratos and TW Cory is the second collaborative composition on the album and is another setting song for Pulp City. Initial inspiration for the song came from the film score to The Incredibles before the song began taking on a direction of it's own. "Take Control" by Stratos and TW Cory is another Pulp City theme song. "Ulthar Attack" by Stratos and TW Cory is the follow-up to song two on the album, "The Aliens Are Coming!" Life the previous Ulthar theme song, this song is more cinematic in it's composition than some of the other tracks on the soundtrack. "It's Crime Fightin' Time" by Stratos and TW Cory was the fifth "single" used to promote this soundtrack. Inspiration for this particular song came from the theme song to the 1988-1989 animated show C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) by DiC Entertainment. Theme - The villains don't stand a chance in Pulp City! "Ancient Ritual" by TW Cory is a song for the Little Asia location. "Furnaces of War" by TW Cory is the second Necroplane theme song on the album. The track is not as dark or ambient at the previous but still sets the tone for something sinister. "No Escape for the Villainous" by TW Cory was the third "single" from the soundtrack and the second Heavy Metal faction theme. In Pulp City our heroes never rest, ''So much for holidays', Iron Train grunted and handed a fistful of dollars to the car wash guy who was cleaning the bolts on his left thigh... The man in iron armor slowly gained momentum and sped down Sunset Blvd.' This excerpt from the Pulp City Player's Guide and Iron Train's faction, Heavy Metal, was the inspiration for this iron crunching action sequence track. Iron Train and the other Supremes of Pulp City are always ready to jump into action to stop evil, there is... No Escape For The Villainous... in Pulp City. "All in a Day's Work" by Stratos is the closing theme for the album. Inspired by the climax of so many superhero movies and the lessons learned throughout the origin tales of heroes. This song has a bit of an arcade-style game feel to it. "Bailey Records Fanfare [Pulp City Style]" by TW Cory closes out the album with some familiarity in themes and reprisals that span the Bailey Records catalog from our Amazing Universe EP to elements of this soundtrack. In 2006, with the release of both the Slade Chronicles: Riftwalker - Official Mix-Tape and Amazing Universe - The Superheroic Music EP, T.W. Cory and Stratos composed the "Bailey Records Fanfare." The purpose of the Fanfare is to tie all soundtracks together under a common "umbrella," just as movie studios like Fox and Universal do with their opening fanfares. This is the ninth CD that the "Bailey Records Fanfare" has appeared on, and as with the previous incarnations it includes an album-specific tag ending. Pulp City - The Soundtrack is fully compatible and authorized by Green Ronin's Mutant & Masterminds superhero roleplaying game under their Superlink OGL and is a featured release in the Amazing Universe catalog of music of the Bailey Records Composition and Sound Design team. Bryan "Stratos" Borgman August 11, 2009.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/18/2009
Item #: SRD214478
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