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Rashaunah Morrison's Comedy View 1
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
Rashaunah Morrison's Comedy View 1

Rashaunah Morrison's Comedy View 1

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy Video
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Rashaunah Morrison's Comedy View Volume 1 features 12 original sketches, song, dance, which features the many talents of Rashaunah. And introducing special guest David Frick. SKIT 1: THE EXTERMINATOR- Claretha is prepared, on the call for any job, but not this one. SKIT 2: THE REPORTER- Reporting live from the home of a 55 million dollar lottery winner, Ms. Red, who is very nice, but not too bright. SKIT 3: THE STOPPED UP TOILET- A foul smell permeates a stopped up toilet, not to mention the strange reason it's stopped up. SKIT 4: THE MAKEUP SPECIALIST- Ghia is a classy outspoken woman, loves selling makeup to customers, has a strange way of running her business, makeup is half price! SKIT 5: THE HIP REPLACEMENT- Just getting in from the hospital, Ms. Barb gets her groove back, also introducing another character named ' Baby C' . Get ready to dance, laugh! SKIT 6: ACCIDENT ATTORNEY-There isn't a case this attorney can't handle, 'We have eyes everywhere!' SKIT 7: MY PEPPERONI & PIGFEET PIZZA- An elderly woman orders a specialty pizza, who turns out to be the butt of the joke! SKIT 8: THE BENCH SLEEPER-Little Izzy is tired, finds a bench to rest at, but is confronted by the property owner, Izzy has her back against the wall. SKIT 9: BREAKFAST IN BED- Oh, the joys of a loving relationship, that is until her man finds out her secret! SKIT 10: THE CRIME SCENE- Join Rashaunah reporting live from a hilarious crime scene. SKIT 11: GAS ASS- Got pressure? Get a pack! SKIT 12: LITTLE IZZY & THE FISH- Wait till you see her ailment and her fish. Little Izzy's got problems, so does the fish.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 3/8/2010
Item #: SRD129357
UPC #: 700261293578
Product Type: DVD

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