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Reach Out to Horses: Whispers From the Wild Ones
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Nature
Reach Out to Horses: Whispers From the Wild Ones

Reach Out to Horses: Whispers From the Wild Ones

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Nature
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Join International Equine Behaviorist and Natural Horsemanship Clinician Anna Twinney in the wilds of Wyoming to discover what the American Mustang can teach you about true, trust-based horsemanship. Wild horses are not domestic horses in the wild. Like wolves and dogs, mustangs are very different from the horses in our barns and pastures at home. To truly be successful, trainers and guardians alike must find a new way of training that understands this crucial difference, and works with the mind and heart of the wild horse. But what many don't realize is that the methods for the mustangs can be highly effective with your horse at home as well. Untouched, traumatized, rehabilitated and very sensitive and spooky horses can be helped by the secrets mustangs have to share. Incorporating her decades of experience in equine behavior, herd dynamics, body language, and interspecies communication, Anna will be your guide to the world of the wild horse, as she shows you how to take the lessons from the wild and untouched ones and apply them to your horses. Filmed in the iconic lands of Wyoming, you will join the mustangs of the McCullough Peaks, the Pryor Mountains, and the Spanish mustangs of the Dakotas to explore the very same techniques taught on the exclusive Reaching Out to the Untouched Horse Clinic. In this 2-DVD program you will discover how to: Gentle any horse calmly, safely, and without stress; Build permanent trust and respect between you and your horse; Speak the subtleties of the language of the horse; Encourage your horse to come to them (no more chasing or catching); Read their horse's character, personality, history, and learning styles; Differentiate between "flooding" and desensitizing; Use feel, timing, and pressure/release; Use new tools and aids like the Horseman's Rope and the Equestrian Education Rope; Introduce their horses to the halter, leading, bathing and other skills; Eliminate biting; Use water for training; Fill holes in their horse's training; And much more. Entering the world of the mustang will help you to truly understand your horse and to gain the partnership you've always dreamed of creating.
Studio: Bayview Films
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 6/9/2015
Item #: 1485253X
UPC #: 812073021147
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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