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Real Show
Format: DVD Genre: Drama
Real Show

Real Show

Format: DVD Genre: Drama
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The Real Show is a mixture of reality TV and the traditional TV series. There are parts of it that are real and parts that are not. The viewers are left with the challenge of figuring it out. The Real Show features entertainment information, interviews of celebrities, and interesting people. The combination of a script and the spontaneous acts of real people creates humor that you cannot write. Kim is the host of the Real Show, a new TV show geared toward today's generation. Kim and her cameraman hit the road, check out the hot boutiques, and chill out with the stars at their homes. She asks the questions everyone wants to know. Unbeknownst to Kim, her producer has a different concept of the show. He feels the emphasis of the show should be on the main character, and documents her actions and reactions to adverse situations surrounding the show. Thus her crew is under strict orders to make her life difficult and to create situations for her where an emotional reaction is displayed. Kim's cameraman is under orders to keep his camera rolling under every circumstance: In the studio, behind the scenes, going to shoots, and coming back. To the producers, the Real Show is only real when we see the real side of Kim.
Director: Donovan Howard
Studio: Keeling
Release Date: 9/13/2011
Item #: MVD122703
UPC #: 837101227032
Product Type: DVD

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