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Recount (2008)
Format: DVD Genre: Drama


Format: DVD Genre: Drama
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Butterfly ballots and "hanging chads" roil the U.S in this HBO docudrama about the fallout from Florida's contested results in the 2000 Bush/Gore presidential contest. As Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris (Laura Dern), Democratic strategist Ron Klain (Kevin Spacey), GOP icon James Baker (Tom Wilkinson), and others battle over the proposed recount, a nation watches in shock and awe. With John Hurt, Denis Leary. 116 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English.
Ed Begley, Jr.
Kevin Spacey
Laura Dern
John Hurt
Bob Balaban
Eve Gordon
Ed Begley Jr.
Gary Basaraba
Derek Cecil
Marcia Jean Kurtz
Mitch Pileggi
Danny Strong
Denis Leary
Tom Wilkinson
Bruce McGill
Bruce Altman
Jayne Atkinson
Raymond George Forchion
Steve DuMouchel
Adam LeFevre
Ethan Smith
Stefen Laurantz
Robert Small
Marc Macaulay
Patricia Getty
Brett Rice
Joan Turner Turetzky
Terry Loughlin
Bruce Gray
Michael Bryan French
Judy Clayton
Jack Shearer
Howard Elfman
William Schallert
Bradford Devine
Annie Cerillo
Walter Farrell
Candice Critchfield
Michael McDermott
Barrett Shuler
Philip Nolen
Rus Blackwell
Christopher Schmidt
Ric Reitz
Mary Bonner Baker
Alex Staggs
Bob Kranz
Antoni Corone
Joe Candelora
Gaston Renaud
Michael Phiewski
Marc Little
Jeff Breslauer
Olgia Campbell
Doug Williford
James Carrey
Angela V Woodhull
Paul Jeans
Tom Hillmann
Brent Mendenhall
Grady Couch
Matt Miller
Warren Skeels
Joel Warren
Tim Goodwin
Amy Rutberg
Parker Mccabe
Grey Duncan
Patrick Mickler
Kate Karpinski
Tim Powell
Katie Prestwood
Brandon Ambrose
Erin Fisk
Vernal Gordon
Komonda Shaver
Tom Sexton
Melissa Ross
Beverly Brooks
Adam Vernier
Kerry Sullivan
Dave Anthony
Scott Smith I
Brenda Benfield
Holland Hayes
Tim Ware
Kenny Logsdon
Kelly Atkins
Veronica Alsina
Michael Whaley
Craig Raymond
Linda Beviacqua
Jennifer Safina
Juliana Moreno
Peggy Sheffield
Dizzy Galette
George Reed
Kathy Sanford
Travis Potter
Jerry Brown
Norman Dulaney
Jan-Erik Wikstrom
Charles F Beyer
Chris Burns-Cox
Jason Zuhwalt
David Lodge
Jay Roach
Michael Hausman
Director: Jay Roach
Studio: HBO Archives
Release Date: 10/23/2012
Item #: 462036X
UPC #: 883316516478
SKU #: D08639
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Full Frame
Product Type: DVD
Rating: TVMA
Closed Caption: No

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