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Rezolution (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Rezolution (Original Soundtrack)

Rezolution (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Various Artists Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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"Endlessly Pluggin' In 'N Punkin' Out [This is a Dark Tomorrow]" is the only song on the soundtrack not by Stratos however it is in fact a remix by co-producer TW Cory of a song originally written by Stratos for the CyberNet Official Roleplaying Soundtrack (Bailey Records, May 11, 2004) which was the first of several projects in this genre. Another remix of the original song was also done by Cory (aka Capt Futura) and appears on the Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack (Bailey Records, July 20, 2005). From the very beginning, the production team wanted to tie-in the various soundtracks as pseudo-sequels. The tag "This is a Dark Tomorrow" comes directly from the core rulebook for Rezolution aptly titled "A Dark Tomorrow." "Terror from Beyond" is a song inspired by the Dravani. "For eons the Dravani have existed; spreading fear throughout the stars, whispering legends on a thousand worlds and known by more names than the years of time they have existed." The Dravani are a horrific group of extraterrestrials of various forms that have been on the Earth for centuries, lurking in the shadows. They are the terror from beyond! "The World Needs You Now" was the first "single" from this soundtrack. This cinematic song was inspired in part by Drafted, a comic book series by Devil's Due Publishing. When composing this song I first envisioned an ambient/organic alien presence quickly followed by the bravado of a unified world army. Both these elements are then intertwined into action and confrontation. In the dark tomorrow of Rezolution - Science Fiction Miniatures Combat, the year is 2175 and the Central Security Organization (CSO) are determined to maintain order and protect the masses from various threats including the alien Dravani, mercenary Ronin, dogmatic Vatacina, and the megalomaniacal APAC. Theme = A space marine's call to arms. "Incursion" is the fifth "single" released to promote the album. "All you have to do is get in, get hardwired, and get the data - how difficult can that be?" In the dark tomorrow of Rezolution, the year is 2175 and Hackers are a dime a dozen but only a handful are truly worth their weight in revenue. The song Incursion is a theme for Hackers and more specifically for the HAK-based assignment of the same name. The objective is simple: reach the terminal, download the data, and get the information off your side of the board without getting killed. Keep in mind that the downloaded info is likely stored in your head so, should you lose it in battle, your opponent can and will attempt to re-obtain that data by any means necessary! Move out! "Shootist Serenade" is a theme song for one of the best shooters in the game of Rezolution - The Shootist. While composing this song, visions of a Shootist opening up and letting loose a volley of bullets in slow motion came to mind sort of like a dance. "On the Move," features voiceovers by Missy D., and was the second promotional "single" from the soundtrack. This cinematic song was inspired in part by HALO and various other science fiction properties that feature soldiers in power armor. Some have said it reminds them of Mission: Impossible. In the game setting of Rezolution, this is a theme song for the CSO Peace Keepers. In Rezolution, the Central Security Organization (CSO) are determined to maintain order and protect the masses from various threats including the alien Dravani, mercenary Ronin, dogmatic Vatacina, and the megalomaniacal APAC. The Peace Keepers are the elite power armor soldiers of the CSO, dispatched to handle the vilest of the opposition. Theme = A power armored soldier's call to arms. "Stop at Nothing" is an action song. Regardless of what faction you root for, everyone has an assignment and will stop at nothing to see their mission a success. "Solidarity" was the third "single" from the album. Merriam-Webster defines it as: unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards. I define solidarity as a code which the APAC live by. APAC = Asia Pacific. Tradition, Mysticism, Technology. The Asia Pacific blend honor and tradition with state-of- the-art technology. APAC not only dominates the world of business, but also the shadow wars that wage across the system. As one of the most targeted entities for espionage and sabotage, their forces are some of the largest and best equipped. It is rumored their 'internal security force' is greater in number than the CSO's standing force, and they will need every one of them, man, woman and child, to stand against the coming storm. Theme = Instrumental cyberpunk music with an Asian flare. "Running Rogue" is another action song. Whether it's a gang of Ronin operating outside of assignment parameters or a sneaky Shadow Assassin throwing a wrench in the works, this song is inspired by those times when thinking outside of the box will bring in the biggest rewards. "Assassins" is another assignment-inspired theme. "Your rise to prominence has been fast and has drawn unwanted attention and jealousy from others. They see you as a problem, a problem that needs to be fixed... fixed permanently!" Playing the Assassins assignment is one of the most brutal forms of Rezolution, especially in a campaign setting. "Darkrider Eternal" is the seventh and final "single" from the album and features voiceover work by Bryan Michael Block. "Darkrider Eternal" is the latest chapter in the ongoing Darkrider saga I began back in 2002 when I composed and recorded a theme song for a character created by James Prostovich. From that early concept, the Darkrider - as the ever-existing antagonist - has appeared in various works from comic books to roleplaying supplements and on several albums. To date, the Darkrider songs have appeared on the following albums: "Enter Darkrider [demo mix]" on Odds and Ends, Rarities & Remixes (Bailey Records, May 12, 2009) "Enter Darkrider [extended mix]" on Autumnal Slumber (Bailey Records, April 1, 2003) "Darkrider Returneth" on CyberNet Official Roleplaying Soundtrack (Bailey Records, May 11, 2004) "Darkrider Triumphant" on Universe87 Campaign Setting Soundtrack (Bailey Records, July 19, 2005) "Darkrider Eternal" on Rezolution - The Soundtrack (Bailey Records, August 11, 2009) Only time will tell when and where the Darkrider will show up again. Theme = This type of evil cannot be contained - The Darkrider is Eternal! "In Human Form" is another Dravani-inspired song. The Dravani's "biggest asset to the success of their survival amongst man is the innate ability to shift form; thus they can hide amongst the population, as well as protect those amongst them that cannot." This song, while strikingly different from the rest of the album, is the perfect compliment to the Dravani in Human Form in that it has an air of sexiness and seduction to it. "Conquerors" was the fourth "single" from the soundtrack. In Rezolution, the Dravani are Conquerors! The Dravani arrived on earth 'somewhat accidentally' in the distant past and have lived (and fed!) while disguising their true nature from man. Over the centuries, they have built an Empire but, though powerful, they are still few compared to the billions swarming around them. They know humanity would not look kindly upon them, so they have adapted and used man against himself, but now the layers of lies and deception are being peeled away as flesh from bone, and the Dravani will be revealed as the monsters they really are. But by then it may already be too late! Theme = A reason to fear the dark! "I Need an Operator," featuring voiceovers by Robyn Griggs, is the sixth "single" from the album. "Hello, Operator?" Get me outta here. They're after me!" "I Need an Operator" is inspired by The Matrix. I love the sequence where Trinity is running from the police and agents, dashes into the phone booth, and barely escapes being flattened by a truck. In the dark future of Rezolution, such a sequence wouldn't play out exactly like in the movie but Hackers continually put their lives on the line by jacking in to the web an engaging in high-stakes cyber-warfare that may or may not be successful. When composing this song, I immediately heard the spoken vocal parts and knew just the right person to pull them off for me. I contacted my good friend Robyn Griggs (daytime soap opera / horror actress) who graciously recorded the lines for me while in a Nashville studio working on her first album. Thanks Robyn! Theme = Do you need help navigating the Matrix? "Fiddlin'" is a theme song for the Ronin Fiddler. When I was composing Warlands - The Soundtrack I came up with this idea for a mechanic's song which led to the tune "Monkeywrenchin'." My co-producer suggested I save the song for this album and use if for the Fiddler but I had other plans in store for this popular character type and his theme. "Waltz of a Bomb Bot" utilizes special effects and toy sounds to score the actions of these tiny robots found in many forces during a game of Rezolution. "From Persephone with Love" is partially inspired by the television series Firefly. It's just a great tune to add some ambience to your game. "March of the Damned" features vocals by Micah Klotz (aka Voltair3) and is my personal favorite of the album. Micah's subtle scream adds so much while the overall dynamics make this song a lot of fun. "Mind War" is yet another Hacker theme song. "Mind War" is the name given to cyber-warfare when two hackers are battling over the 'net. In addition to Incursion, there is another Hacker-centric assignment in Rezolution called King of the Grid where opponents attempt to download information or packets of info in a certain time limit without being killed in either the virtual world or an attack on their unsuspecting body. "Wired For Life" is the final Hacker-centric song on the album and is an ode to those crazy few who undergo cybernetic enhancements to make themselves more proficient in their role as the crew's hacker. "Frenetic Fury" is the final action song on the soundtrack. While one of the earliest songs composed for the project, I decided it was a great way to close out the score. "Bailey Records Fanfare / Fight the Future." In 2006, with the release of both the Slade Chronicles: Riftwalker - Official Mix-Tape and Amazing Universe - The Superheroic Music EP, T.W. Cory and Stratos composed the "Bailey Records Fanfare." The purpose of the Fanfare is to tie all soundtracks together under a common "umbrella," just as movie studios like Fox and Universal do with their opening fanfares. This is the eighth CD that the "Bailey Records Fanfare" has appeared on, and as with the previous incarnations it includes an album-specific tag ending. In this particular arrangement, the "Fight the Future" half borrows it's title from the first X-Files movie while the themes include a hint of the fifth faction within the Rezolution game - the Vatacina - who, due to length constraints, are otherwise missing thematically from the soundtrack. Bryan "Stratos" Borgman August 9, 2009.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/18/2009
Item #: SRD214477
UPC #: 884502144772
Product Type: CD

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