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The RKO Brown & Carney Comedy Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
The RKO Brown & Carney Comedy Collection

The RKO Brown & Carney Comedy Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Comedy-Classic
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The World War II years saw vaudeville comics Wally Brown and Alan Carney paired as RKO's answer to Abbott and Costello in these well-remembered "B" farces. New recruits Jerry Miles (Brown) and Mike Strager (Carney) get invited to dinner at a ladies' boarding house─only to get trapped there by a scarlet fever quarantine─in "The Adventures of a Rookie" (1943). Miles and Strager finally get to the Pacific Theatre─and have to spring their top sarge (Erford Gage) from a Japanese POW camp─in the follow-up "Rookies in Burma" (1943). In Gold Rush California, B&C are promised a payday from lonely '49ers if they can bring back a wagon full of women, in "Girl Rush" (1944). Frances Langford, Robert Mitchum co-star. Lastly, radio sleuths B&C get challenged by a genuine criminal mastermind─who plays for keeps─in "Genius at Work" (1946). Anne Jeffreys, Lionel Atwill, Bela Lugosi co-star. 4 1/4 hrs. total on two discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Wally Brown
Alan Carney
Anne Jeffreys
Frances Langford
Richard Martin
Lionel Atwill
Joan Barclay
Vera Vague
Erford Gage
Margaret Landry
Bela Lugosi
Paul Hurst
Ted Hecht
Marc Cramer
Preston Lee
Ralph Dunn
Patti Brill
Sarah Padden
Owen Song
Jimmy Jordan
Robert Andersen
Richard Loo
Cy Kendall
Phil Warren
Joseph Kim
John Merton
Jack Barron
Peter Potter
Diana King
Ruth Lee
Robert Clarke
Lorraine Krueger
Warren Jackson
Michael Road
Rita Corday
Ed Hart
Ercelle Woods
Barry Regan
Elaine Riley
Toddy Peterson
Rosemary La Planche
Leroy Strine
Al Choals
George Holmes
Daun Kennedy
Steve Clemento
Virginia Belmont
Jimmy Dugan
Bonnie Blair
Pete Katchenaro
Josh Milton
Jack Lowe
Beal Wong
Larry Wheat
Forbes Murray
Michael Vallon
Frank Wong
Steve Winston
Emory Chow
Sherry Hall
Art Yeoman
Kanza Omar
Kernan Cripps
Jack Gargan
Bob O'Connor
Allan Jung
Billy White
Wheaton Chambers
Carl Saxe
Eddie Lee
Harry Harvey
Ernie Adams
James B. Leong
Lee Phelps
William Haade
Muriel Kearney
Albert Law
Irene Mack
Lim Sin
Pascal Newlan
Dennis Moore
Eddie Borden
Carlos San Garrido
Bobby Barber
Bud Wiser
Henry Roquemore
Max Wagner
Jack Santos
Dale Van Sickel
Pat O'Malley
Chuck Hamilton
George de Normand
Jack Rice
John Hamilton
Merlyn Nelson
Greta Christensen
Stanley Andrews
Lee Trent
Sammy Blum
Dorothy Vaughan
Abe Dinovitch
Byron Foulger
Vivien Oakland
Ken Terrell
Dorothy McAllister
George Magrill
George Ford
Hal Craig
Eddie Hart
Bert LeBaron
Gail Robinson
Cy Ring
Tom Kennedy
Ray Spiker
Lou Davis
Jack Casey
Glen McCarthy
Claire Carleton
Joe Rickson
Stub Musselman
Tex Mooney
Paul Kruger
Cy Malis
Bob Robinson
Jasper Palmer
Frank Mills
Raoul Freeman
Sam Lufkin
Bud Osborne
Dick Scott
Chili Williams
Directors: Leslie Goodwins, Gordon Douglas
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 1/20/2015
Item #: 1462947X
UPC #: 888574152741
SKU #: D13344
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Black & White, Full Frame, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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