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The Robert Montgomery Collection
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
The Robert Montgomery Collection

The Robert Montgomery Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
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Cocky young sailor Montgomery sets course for a challenging courtship of admiral's daughter Dorothy Jordan in "Shipmates" (1931). Bailiff Robert is "The Man in Possession" (1931) of broke heiress Irene Purcell's goods, but can't help falling for her. Society girl Tallulah Bankhead strings working-class boyfriend Montgomery along, at least until she blows her own fortune, in the drama "Faithless" (1932). Struggling playwright Montgomery finds a patron, and perhaps more, in wealthy Madge Evans in the romance "Lovers Courageous" (1932). "...But the Flesh Is Weak" (1932) casts Montgomery and C. Aubrey Smith as a father-son gigolo team, with Robert having to choose between his intended target and true love. Press agent/power broker Montgomery saves the life and career of despairing actress Sally Eilers in "Made on Broadway" (1933). A flush of success goes to formerly starving painter Robert's head, to girlfriend Rosalind Russell's dismay, in "Live, Love and Learn" (1937). Bootlegger-turned-legit distiller Montgomery learns he's a British noble in the drama "The Earl of Chicago" (1940). 10 hrs. total on four discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Robert Montgomery
Robert Montgomery
Tallulah Bankhead
Sally Eilers
Rosalind Russell
Edward Arnold
Madge Evans
Ernest Torrence
Charlotte Greenwood
Irene Purcell
Heather Thatcher
Robert Benchley
Roland Young
Hugh Herbert
Dorothy Jordan
Helen Vinson
Eugene Pallette
C. Aubrey Smith
Edward Everett Horton
Edmund Gwenn
Maurice Murphy
Hobart Bosworth
C. Henry Gordon
Cliff Edwards
Monty Woolley
E. E. Clive
Louise Closser Hale
Beryl Mercer
Nils Asther
Jean Parker
Gavin Gordon
Ronald Sinclair
Reginald Owen
Anna Appel
Frederick Kerr
Evelyn Hall
Joan Marsh
Ivan Lebedeff
Mickey Rooney
Lawrence Grant
Norma Varden
Alan Mowbray
Maude Eburne
David Newell
Henry Kolker
Charles Judels
Halliwell Hobbes
Eva Moore
Edward Nugent
E. Allyn Warren
Forrester Harvey
Sterling Holloway
Vince Barnett
Ian Wulf
Jackie Searl
Peter Godfrey
Desmond Roberts
Yorke Sherwood
Harlan Briggs
Charles Williams
George Irving
Norman Phillips Jr.
Joseph Cawthorn
June Clayworth
Nora Gregor
Billy Bevan
Hedda Hopper
Billy Gilbert
Ray Milland
William Worthington
Eily Malyon
John Miljan
Barnett Parker
Frederick Worlock
De Witt Jennings
Al Shean
Robert Greig
Miles Mander
Wade Boteler
James Flavin
William Stack
Jack Pennick
Kenneth Hunter
Frank Sully
Charles Coleman
Rex Evans
Jerry Miley
John Burton
Russ Clark
George Cooper
Art Berry Sr.
David Dunbar
Harold Howard
Dorothy Appleby
Robert Cory
Ena Gregory
Henry Flynn
Kate Price
Col. Ford
Heinie Conklin
Vangie Beilby
Billy Dooley
John Kelly
Radford Allen
Joe Caits
Craufurd Kent
Montague Shaw
Philip Tully
John Quillan
Ben Welden
Olaf Hytten
Frank Marlowe
Pierre Watkin
Don Barclay
George Anderson
Harry Lash
Milt Kibbee
Nora Perry
William Haade
Ralph McCullough
Eddie Marr
Edith Kingdon
Mariska Aldrich
Anthony Warde
John Butler
Chester Clute
Gladys Blake
Ramsey Hill
Edward Earle
Lowden Adams
Carl Leviness
Alec Harford
Arthur Stuart Hull
Arthur Mulliner
Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Barlowe Borland
John Davidson
Alec Craig
John Power
Robert Emmett Keane
Ivan Simpson
William Austin
Barbara Bedford
Winifred Harris
Ann Rutherford
Tempe Pigott
Ben Webster
Billy Engle
Zeffie Tilbury
Ellis Irving
Colin Kenny
Wilbur Mack
Matthew Boulton
Minerva Urecal
Virginia Sale
Paul England
Maxine Elliott Hicks
Boyd Irwin
Leonard Mudie
Tenen Holtz
Margaret Lyman
David Clyde
Leila McIntyre
P. J. Kelly
Rollo Lloyd
Claude King
Holmes Herbert
Charles Irwin
Robert Spindola
Ralph Stock
Leyton Lee
Soledad Jimenez
Gladden James
Eddie Gribbon
Yvonne Severn
Harry Allen
Frank Benson
Jimmy Aubrey
Frank Baker
Forbes Murray
Robert Warwick
Directors: Geo. Fitzmaurice, Harry Pollard, Sam Wood, Victor Saville, Robert Z. Leonard, Jack Conway, Harry Beaumont, Richard Thorpe
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 4
Release Date: 12/6/2011
Item #: WBA643880
UPC #: 883316438800
SKU #: D59469
Attributes: Full Frame, Manufactured on Demand, Mono Sound
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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