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Shema Meditation Through the Chakras
Format: DVD Genre: Christian
Shema Meditation Through the Chakras

Shema Meditation Through the Chakras

Format: DVD Genre: Christian
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Shema Meditation Through the Chakras DVD by Robin Rothenberg & Nancy Rumbel The Shema Meditation Through the Chakras was first 'heard' by Robin while on spiritual retreat in Israel. As she meditated on the Shema, the central prayer of Judaism which calls us to listen and hear the "Oneness of all that is", Robin felt the words vibrating at her chakra centers. The symbolism of each energy center merged with the essence of the six hebrew words of the Shema to create a powerful resonance. This is the meditation she shares with you on this DVD. With evocative imagery and transcendent musical accompaniment, by Nancy Rumbel, this is a practice that will stay with you and that you'll be 'called'to return to again and again... The DVD includes: -An explanation of the meaning of the Shema -A gorgeous chakra montage and description of each of the energy centers -A simple movement practice linking the words of the Shema with the chakras -The actual Shema-Chakra guided meditation set to music - A track of just the musical accompaniment Digital Downloads available of the Seated Meditation and the Music (the final two tracks) for audio use only. Available also on the Essential Yoga Therapy website is a PDF or digital guidebook that summarizes the information from the DVD in print form. Already many have experienced this meditation and found it to both deepen their connection to God and to themselves. The original melody for the prayer is sung by composer, Dianna Rose in her hauntingly beautiful alto. For those who have chanted and meditated with the Shema for years, this meditation may awaken a new way of understanding, embodying and 'hearing' it - as if for the first time! Even those unfamiliar with the Shema have been touched by the placement of the ancient Hebrew words at the power centers within the body and find the combination ignites immediate access to the Divine energy within. In addition to her training in yoga therapy, Robin is a Jewish Spiritual Director, a graduate of Morei Derekh. Her understanding of spirituality is an eclectic mix from her Jewish upbringing, her contemporary study of Torah and Kabbalah and the philosophical teachings of yoga and Buddhism. Robin resonates with wisdom teachings that unify us as divinely human-beings, and offer guideposts to help us navigate this often challenging physical world. Regardless of your religious orientation, her teaching will encourage you to stay on the path of spiritual awakening, amidst the trauma, disappointment, loss and heartache of daily life and find your way back to Wholeness and Joy. Nancy Rumbel is a Grammy award-winning composer and recording artist living in Bellevue, Washington. Her beautiful meolodies and harmonic colorings help support contemplative and therapeutic practices. She laid down the music for Robin's yoga nidra meditation to reduce anxiety, Soothing the Spirit also available through CD Baby.
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