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Guardian of Dreams
Artist: SHAH,ROGER & LEILANI Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
Guardian of Dreams

Guardian of Dreams

Artist: SHAH,ROGER & LEILANI Format: CD Genre: Soundtrack
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Welcome to Guardian Of Dreams. The music. The journey. The experience. This album is an epic sci-fi adventure through space and time. Guardian Of Dreams gently leads you into the unknown with it's exceptionally composed, musical masterpieces, coupled with an equally riveting, guided narrative, ultimately setting the stage for each of it's 11 tracks. This collection of songs is ingeniously orchestrated to emulate an award-winning movie script concept that is dramatic and unforgettable. As the story unfolds, you will find that it quickly becomes a reflection of the inner dialogue and questions we have all asked ourselves at least once in our lifetime. Isn't there more to this life? In a world that yearns for peace and healing, consider this album as your key to true and lasting spiritual enlightenment for yourself and all who listen to it. I assure you, there is nothing out there like the Guardian Of Dreams experience and it's profound, healing message. As we all continue to search for meaning and purpose in this life, do yourself a favor and elevate into this parallel universe that Guardian Of Dreams offers. After all, it might be closer to home than we realize... Truly enjoy this orchestral work of art by talented composer, Roger Shah, and the captivating, writing works of LeiLani, as you go on your own personal journey through Guardian Of Dreams, in all it's supernatural glory.
Label: Black Hole
Release Date: 2/7/2020
Item #: 2259803X
UPC #: 808798129305
Product Type: CD

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