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The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun--Hyde Park Live (2013)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun--Hyde Park Live

The Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun--Hyde Park Live

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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In 1969 they rocked London's venerable Hyde Park, and 44 years later The Rolling Stones returned for a pair of shows in front of over 100,000 adoring fans. Join Mick, Keith. Ronnie, and Charlie─with a special appearance by former guitarist Mick Taylor─for a dynamic concert experience that includes "Start Me Up," "It's Only Rock and Roll," "Doom and Gloom," "Miss You," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Sympathy for the Devil," and other hits old and new. 118 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; bonus footage.
Georgia Stark
Heather Hoyland
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones
Carl M. 'Kayo' Erickson
Carl Stephan
Charlie Watts
James R. Hulse
Alta M. Stevens
Charles Irwin
Clarence C. 'Major Mite' Hower
Mick Jagger
George E. Stoll
Henri Jaffa
Keith Richards
Gladys W. Allison
Herbert Stothart
Lois January
Ron Wood
Harold Strickling
J.D. Jewkes
Nick Angelo
Arthur Appell
Lois Johansen
Robert W. Stringer
George Suchsie
Leo Arnaud
Virgil Johanson
John Ballas
Natalie Kalmus
Ralph Sudam
Charlotte V. Sullivan
Josefine Balluck
Robert Kanter
Betty Tanner
Charles E. Kelley
Viola Banks
George Bassman
Jessie E. Kelley
Norman Taurog
Carol Tevis
Chris Bayz
Joan Kenmore
Charles Becker
Frank Kikel
Lynn Tigar
Charley Becker
'Willi' Koestner
William Tuttle
Arnold Vierling
Busby Berkeley
Emma Koestner
Bernard Fowler
Bobby Keys
Charlie Watts
Chuck Leavell
Darryl Jones
Keith Richards
Lisa Fischer
Mick Jagger
Mick Taylor
Ronnie Wood
Tim Ries
Freda Besky
Mitzi Koestner
Pat Walshe
Bobbie Koshay
Bobby Watson
Clara Blandick
Billy Bletcher
Gus Wayne
Joe Koziel
Dolly Kramer
Henry Boers
Jack Weatherwax
Emil Kranzler
Keith Weeks
Theodore Boers
Nita Krebs
Ray Bolger
Victor Wetter
Bert Lahr
Frank Whitbeck
Robert Bradford
Grace G. Williams
Hilda Lange
Kevin Braun
Harvey B. Williams
Irving Brecher
Noel Langley
Edwin B. Willis
Lorraine Bridges
Mervyn LeRoy
Gladys V. Wolff
Harlan Briggs
Johnny Leal
Buster Brody
Mitchell Lewis
Murray Wood
Matt Linder
Tyler Brooke
A.W. Brown
Prince Ludwig
Christie Buresh
Dominick Magro
Eddie Buresh
Herman J. Mankiewicz
Carlos Manzo
Lida Buresh
Billie Burke
Howard Marco
Jerry Maren
Stafford Campbell
Paul Marquardt
William H. Cannon
Harry Master
Mickey Carroll
Adriana Caselotti
Patsy May
Colonel Casper
Louis B. Mayer
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Lois Clements
Pinto Colvig
Walter Miller
Bobby Connolly
George Ministeri
Jack Mintz
Nona Cooper
Abraham Mirkin
Tommy Cottonaro
Elizabeth Coulter
Pricilla Montgomery
Chris Crowell
Harry Monty
Frank H. Cucksey
Frank Morgan
George Cukor
Lee Murray
Billy Curtis
Modest Mussorgsky
Murray Cutter
Ogden Nash
Betty Danko
Nels P. Nelson
Ken Darby
Warren Newcombe
Allen M. Davey
Margaret C.H. Nickloy
Eugene S. David Jr.
George Noisom
Eulie H. David
Franklin H. O'Baugh
Jack Dawn
William H. O'Docharty
Hildred C. Olson
Sid Dawson
Frank Packard
Sandy DellaMarie
Ethel W. Denis
Nicky Page
Leona M. Parks
Prince Denis
Hazel I. Derthick
Johnny Pizo
Howard Dietz
Lillian Porter
Abe Dinovitch
Meinhardt Raabe
Gracie Doll
Margie Raia
Matthew Raia
Tiny Doll
Major Doyle
Vivian Reed
Daisy Earles
Gertrude H. Rice
Harry Earles
Hazel Rice
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Roger Edens
Elvida Rizzo
Zari Elmassian
Herbert Fields
Rad Robinson
Ruth Robinson
Victor Fleming
Chris Flynn
Sandor Roka
Betty Rome
Fern Formica
Addie E. Frank
Jimmy Rosen
Arthur Freed
Harold Rosson
Charley F. Royale
Mark Freund
Helen J. Royale
Thaisa L. Gardner
Judy Garland
Stella A. Royale
Albert Ruddinger
Jackie Gerlich
Florence Ryerson
George Gervan
Conrad Salinger
Richard Gervan
Cedric Gibbons
Robert J. Schiffer
William A. Giblin
Charles H. Schram
Jack Glicken
Carolyn E. Granger
Robert Schumann
Charley Grapewin
Si Seadler
Blanche Sewell
Sydney Guilaroff
Jack Haley
Rasha Shalaby
Douglas Shearer
Margaret Hamilton
Al Shenberg
E.Y. Harburg
Maureen Healy
Valerie Shepard
Charles Silvern
Joseph Herbst
Andy Hervey
Sid Silvers
Jakob Hofbauer
Leo Singer
Oliver Smith
Samuel Hoffenstein
Ruth E. Smith
William A. Horning
Elmer Spangler
Shep Houghton
Carl Spitz
Helen M. Hoy
Harry Stanton
Marguerite A. Hoy
Paul Dugdale
Jim Parsons
Director: Paul Dugdale
Studio: Eagle Rock Ent
Release Date: 11/11/2013
Item #: 869812X
UPC #: 801213348398
SKU #: B72321
Product Type: Blu-ray
Closed Caption: No

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