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Bachata Caribbean Style: The Method 1
Format: DVD Genre: Latin Pop/Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Bachata Caribbean Style: The Method 1

Bachata Caribbean Style: The Method 1

Format: DVD Genre: Latin Pop/Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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So you've discovered Bachata?! You love the music! You enjoy the sensuality of the dance! You want to learn more and you want it to look different from salsa and lambada! You've been searching for ideas from authentic Caribbean dancers! Well look no further!!! This DVD offers you a different way of dancing Bachata which is closer to it's origins. You CAN dance Bachata without just recycling ideas from another type of music or dance. To film this DVD we travelled to our favourite Caribbean spot, Curacao, and filmed our favourite dancers; we also used sophisticated 'ground intelligence' to discover a top secret master, who listens to, dances and breathes only Bachata and wins every competition in the region; here we unravel his secrets for you. What comes out of this adventure is a new method to learn Bachata, based on challenging footwork for the guy, elegant body work for the lady, interpreting all the facets and syncopation of the music and on coordinating the two dancers while they both improvise, with no need to memorise any routine. You have never seen bachata danced this way - you have never seen it look so good! You will find everything you need in 3 volumes with over 4 hours of material including detailed instruction, musical timing, mens' styling, ladies styling, improvisation; solo and couple demos and Bachata shines which look nothing like any salsa shines you have seen. Finally, Volume 3 contains a series of exercises in which the basic elements of the previous DVDs are isolated and packaged for your solo Bachata practice. This is unlike other dancing DVDs; it is interactive and organised in increasing levels of complexity and speed, with rhythm tracks designed purposely for the exercises. A training DVD for your own practice: just play the DVD and be ready to exercise with us. So try the SalsaIsGood method and discover a new Bachata: replace memory with creativity, imitation with originality. Be ready to learn a different way to interact with your partner on the dance floor, and a new way to listen to Bachata, so that each song is a different song and each dance a different dance. Try, if you dare, and your Bachata will never be the same..
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 4/1/2008
Item #: 140485X
UPC #: 634479726965
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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