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Salsa With the Stars New Moves on 1
Format: DVD Genre: Latin Pop/Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Salsa With the Stars New Moves on 1

Salsa With the Stars New Moves on 1

Format: DVD Genre: Latin Pop/Rock, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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Don't miss out on the most original, rich and diverse salsa DVDs ever produced!!! Want to learn some cool new moves? Want to look at how these moves appear in a different style? How about choosing between on1, on2, or Cuban? Do you then want to see how the stars add styling and subtle changes to make the same moves look really special? How about 43 international stars in 3 hours over 2 DVDs?!!! Salsa with the Stars has it all!!!! Never before have so many dancers collaborated in an instructional DVD series. Never before has so much talent, creativity, and salsa magic been collected into a single work. Never before have the best from all corners of the salsa world been brought together in 2 DVDs for you to learn from. No matter what you look for in a salsa DVD, you are bound to find it here. Multi-language: English, French & Italian. Special Features Volume 1 and 2 Easily learn 5 routines of 15 new moves with multi-angle views, detailed explanations, slow motion and beat counter on every frame. See each move demonstrated by our international stars to get ideas on how to improvise and individualise the same moves. Compare the many different salsa styles in the demonstrations so that you can swap styles yourself and dance with salseros worldwide. Be amazed at all the possibilities for variation with the individual touches added by the stars. Progress through these levels of learning so that the videos will keep you busy for months - every time you watch them you will see something new!!! Timing counter on ALL frames throughout the video so that you always know which beat the dancers are on. This is particularly useful when you are watching dancing on1 and on 2. This also means that after the explanations and demonstrations we can offer extra close-up footage of the armwork without you missing out on the timing. You don't need to see the feet as the timing counter will tell you where they are! Side and top view of every move. The top view is exactly over the dancers' heads to enable you to better understand the arm work. Detailed explanations are given for all moves,broken down by every individual element so that you can easily understand what the dancers are doing and reproduce it yourself at home and then on the dance floor! Slow motion repeat of ALL moves, both during the instructional sections and during the demonstrations from the stars so that you catch every nuance and can practice it yourself. Vocal explanation during the slow motion sections with double, PARALLEL views. This means that you can see the side and top view at the same time making learning really easy! You can use the timing counter even during the slow motion when you don't have the benefit of music to help you find the beat. Even during the slow motion you will always know which beat the dancers are on!! Compare the original version of each idea to the stars' interpretation. Since every star does it differently there are many points of variation! View the full details of the dancers including the footwork, the relation of the dancers to each other and the body movements. Then focus on the fine details of the armwork and the styling ...and finally on the special details of the 'Moments of Magic'
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 5/23/2006
Item #: SRD926797
UPC #: 634479267970
Attributes: NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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