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Sam Fuller At Columbia 1937-1961 [Import]
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Drama
Sam Fuller At Columbia 1937-1961 [Import]

Sam Fuller At Columbia 1937-1961 [Import]

Format: Blu-ray Genre: Drama
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Syno The daring and provocative films of maverick American filmmaker Samuel Fuller (1912-1997) were some of the most hard-hitting, outspoken, politically progressive and visually audacious of the Hollywood studio era. This seven-film Blu-ray box set brings together Fuller's entire output as a writer and director for Columbia Pictures: IT HAPPENED IN HOLLYWOOD (1937), a witty satire on the movie-making business, co-written by Fuller; ADVENTURE IN SAHARA (1938), a gripping thriller based on a Fuller story; POWER OF THE PRESS (1943), a daring drama about a corrupt newspaper publisher, based on a Fuller story; SHOCKPROOF (1949), a brooding film noir written by Fuller and directed by the great Douglas Sirk; SCANDAL SHEET, a tense drama about a compromised newspaper editor, based on Fuller's acclaimed novel The Dark Page; THE CRIMSON KIMONO (1959), Fuller's frank and unsentimental detective thriller which attacked the prejudice, ignorance and bigotry that Fuller saw all around him; and UNDERWORLD U. S. A. (1961), Fuller's unflinching depiction of the brutal world of organised crime. This collectable four-disc box set also contains an array of new and archival extra features, limited edition booklets with newly commissioned essays, archival material, contemporary reviews, and full film credits, and is strictly limited to 6, 000 numbered units. High Definition remasters of all seven films. Original mono audio. Sam Fuller in Conversation with Henry Chapier (1989): archival recording from the French TV series Le divan d'Henry Chapier. Sam Fuller Storyteller (2009): Christa and Samantha Fuller, Martin Scorsese, Wim Wenders, Tim Robbins and Curtis Hanson on the life and work of Sam Fuller. Sam Fuller's Search for Truth (2009): celebrated actor and director Tim Robbins discusses Fuller's philosophy of cinema. The Culture of 'The Crimson Kimono' (2009, 10 mins): filmmaker Curtis Hanson considers the impact of The Crimson Kimono. Martin Scorsese on 'Underworld U. S. A' (2009, 6 mins): the renowned filmmaker discusses one of his favourite Fuller works. Barry Forshaw on 'Underworld U. S. A. ' (2018, tbc mins): an appreciation by the author of American Noir. Original theatrical trailers. Limited Edition exclusive booklets containing newly commissioned essays by Pamela Hutchinson and Lindsay Ann Hallam, archival interviews with director Sam Fuller, historic articles, a critical anthology, and full film credits
Studio: Powerhouse Films
Release Date: 6/29/2018
Item #: 2042465X
UPC #: 5037899071458
Attributes: Limited Edition, United Kingdom - Import, 4PC
Product Type: Blu-ray

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