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The Dungeonmaster / Cellar Dweller / Catacombs / The Crawlers (1993)
Format: DVD Genre: Horror
The Dungeonmaster /  Cellar Dweller /  Catacombs /  The Crawlers

The Dungeonmaster / Cellar Dweller / Catacombs / The Crawlers

Format: DVD Genre: Horror
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First, it's "circuits vs. sorcery" when an evil wizard from an alternate universe subjects a young computer genius and his girlfriend to a series of seven challenges─each helmed by a different director─ranging from mobile statues to a dwarf in a psychedelic tank. "The Dungeonmaster" stars Richard Moll, Leslie Wing. AKA: "Ragewar." Next, a cartoonist with a bizarre imagination accidentally repeats the evocations that spawned a grisly murder/suicide in her spooky apartment building 30 years earlier. "Cellar Dweller" stars Yvonne DeCarlo, Vince Edwards. Then, an ancient abbey is the setting for "Catacombs," as a long-feared prophecy comes to pass and an unholy beast is set loose upon the Earth. Timothy Van Patten, Laura Schaefer star. AKA: "Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice." Finally, illegal toxic dumping by a nuclear plant begins spawning gruesome, bloodthirsty monsters that prey on the citizens of a nearby town. A scientist learns the truth, but can "The Crawlers" be stopped? Jason Saucier, Mary Sellers star. AKA: "Creepers." 5 1/3 hrs. total. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.
Directors: John Buechler, Rose-Marie Turko, Peter Manoogian, Steve Ford, David Schmoeller, Charles Band, David Allen, Ted Nicolaou, Fabrizio Laurenti, John Carl Buechler
Studio: Shout Factory
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 10/29/2013
Item #: 777645X
UPC #: 826663143553
SKU #: D85728
Attributes: 2 Pack, Widescreen
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: No

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