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The Sea of Grass (1947)
Format: DVD Genre: Westerns, Drama
The Sea of Grass

The Sea of Grass

Format: DVD Genre: Westerns, Drama
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Sprawling western melodrama with Spencer Tracy as a ruthless cattle baron who uses both legal and illegal means to keep homesteaders off of his New Mexico land, while driving wife Katharine Hepburn into the arms of his courtroom rival, crusading attorney Melvyn Douglas. Co-stars Robert Walker and Edgar Buchanan; Elia Kazan directs. 123 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH), French, Spanish; bonus shorts "Give Us the Earth!" (1947), "The Cat Concerto" (1947); theatrical trailer.
Spencer Tracy
Katharine Hepburn
Robert Walker
Melvyn Douglas
Phyllis Thaxter
Wm. "Bill" Phillips
Robert Barrat
Budd Fine
Charles B. Middleton
Chief Many Treaties
Conrad M. Ritcher
Conrad Richter
Eddy Waller
Frank S. Hagney
Fred Graham
Gene Roth
George H. Reed
Henry Adams
James O'Reare
Jim Hawkins
Lawrence Lathrop
Marguerite Roberts
Mike Pat Donovan
Pat Henry
Robert H. Barrat
Sidney D'Albrook
Vincent Lawrence
William "Bill" Phillips
Edgar Buchanan
Harry Carey
Ruth Nelson
Robert Armstrong
James Bell
Charles Trowbridge
Russell Hicks
Trevor Bardette
Morris Ankrum
Dan White
Glenn Strange
Douglas Fowley
Guy Wilkerson
Buddy Roosevelt
Earl Hodgins
Robert Bice
John Rice
Hank Worden
George Reed
Dorothy Vaughan
Marietta Canty
Vernon Dent
Erville Alderson
Frank Austin
Jack Davis
Irving Smith
Jesse Graves
Bernice Pilot
Myrtle Anderson
Harry Adams
Wyndham Standing
William Holmes
Mickey Martin
Dick Baron
Joseph Crehan
John Hamilton
John Vosper
Bud Fine
Many Treaties
James O'Rear
Nora Cecil
Gertrude Chorre
Howard Mitchell
Patty Smith
Duncan Richardson
Frank Pharr
Ray Teal
Eddie Acuff
Davison Clark
Joe Brockman
Fred Gilman
Jack Montgomery
Lane Chandler
Dick Rush
Lee Phelps
Jack Baxley
George Magrill
Charles McAvoy
Nolan Leary
Eddie Waller
Forrest Taylor
Gene Stutenroth
Joe Bernard
Ralph Littlefield
Paul Langton
Regina Wallace
June Hedin
Norman Ollestad
Wheaton Chambers
Skeets Noyes
Jimmie Hawkins
Carol Nugent
Charles Middleton
Stanley Andrews
William Challee
Frank Darien
Mike Donovan
Helen Dickson
Ruth Cherrington
Laura Treadwell
Leota Lorraine
Polly Bailey
Vangie Beilby
Sid D'Albrook
Margaret Bert
Naomi Childers
Rose Langdon
Henry Sylvester
Jasper Palmer
Bill Wolfe
Robert Malcolm
Jack Stoney
Frank Hagney
Elia Kazan
Pandro S. Berman
Director: Elia Kazan
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date: 4/12/2011
Item #: WBD917555
UPC #: 883929175550
SKU #: D45501
Attributes: Black & White, Eco Amaray Case
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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