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The Secret Life of Whitetails
Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Nature
The Secret Life of Whitetails

The Secret Life of Whitetails

Format: DVD Genre: Special Interest-Nature
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Filmed in high definition, the stunning images and absorbing soundtrack in this award-winning program will immerse you in the secret domain of the white-tailed deer. Wildlife cinematographer, Gary W. Griffen, spent three years in the field capturing extraordinary behavioral footage of this magnificent creature throughout it's annual cycle. Narrated by actor Peter Coyote, this superb wildlife documentary records in brilliant color and clarity, the life-cycle of deer amidst the breathtaking scenes and natural sounds of the whitetails world. White-tailed deer are one of the most adaptable large grazing mammals on earth. They are the products of countless generations of evolutionary fine tuning. More than 38 sub-species range from southern Canada to South America.. Millions of years ago, whitetails crossed an ancient land bridge from Asia to Alaska. Over eons, the whitetails elusive and wary behavior was forged by a changing cast of predators from saber-toothed tigers, to wolves and mountain lions. Those that did not escape could not pass on their genes to future generations. Once nearly exterminated from much of it's original range by market hunting and loss of habitat, whitetails are now more abundant than ever. From a low point of only 500,000 at the turn of 20th century, the deer population has increased to more than 30 million across North America, and is still growing. Across the lower 48 states, whitetails live in a variety of habitats and climates. Creatures of the edge, deer thrive in areas where agricultural fields border dense woods and other thick cover. Deer can satisfy their needs for food and living space in virtually any region of the United States from the fertile corn belt of the Midwest to the more wooded and densely populated Northeast. No other large, hoofed mammal can thrive so close to humans. It is the trademark of white-tailed deer. Wherever whitetails live, they are amazing creatures with extraordinary athletic ability. Good swimmers, great jumpers and fluid runners, you'll see huge bucks leaping and reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour for short distances. Because deer thrive in second-growth woods and thickets, they rely more on agility than the blazing speed of pronghorn antelopes, which live in flat, open areas. When alarmed, a whitetail raises it's tail, displaying a bright flash of white. This signature trait communicates danger to other deer. Shy and reclusive, a wise old buck often prefers to hide or sneak away from his enemies. Almost ghostlike, he can melt into thick cover and let danger pass harmlessly by. Blessed with incredible senses and an uncanny ability to recognize the difference between a human that is hunting them and a homeowner that means them no harm, a deer can thrive in a variety of habitats -from the deep wilderness of northern Maine to the shadows of New York City. This is the essence of a white-tailed deer.
Studio: Janson Media
Release Date: 2/12/2013
Item #: 945961X
UPC #: 646032052992
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, NTSC Format
Product Type: DVD

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