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Sex: An Unnatural History [Import]
Format: PAL Video Genre: Drama
Sex: An Unnatural History [Import]

Sex: An Unnatural History [Import]

Format: PAL Video Genre: Drama
PAL Video 
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When the pill was released in Australia fifty years ago it signaled a sexual revolution. Or did it? We like to believe we are more sexually liberated than our parents or grandparents, but are we? Sex: An Unnatural History is a six part factual series exploring the last fifty years of Australia's sexual landscape. Presenter Julia Zemiro brings her wit, intellect and humor to each episode starting with an exploration of why we started having sex and how we became hardwired to monogamy. Humans started copulating to procreate but if we can make a baby in a test tube and even get someone else to carry it for US where does that leave sex? Is it now just purely about pleasure? the introduction of the pill sparked a revolution that is still happening, but where are we headed? Julia explores what taboos are still left to US and why societies require sexual boundaries. We're moving towards more liberated attitudes about marriage, homosexuality and personal fetishes but is everything up for grabs? When it comes to fashion many of US use what we wear to signal what we are looking for, but what does fashion also tell US about the sexual attitudes of the day? And how do our churches affect our sexual lives? Julia delves into the complex world of how and why the Church became so fixated with what we do between the sheets and how one little pill may have led to the demise of confession. Julia takes a look at how and why humans fall in love and what role chemicals play when Cupid's arrow strikes. But isn't there more to it than neurotransmitters and serotonin? Isn't it all about the romance? How can we explain the metaphysical aspect of love and how it transforms not only our sex lives but also every other part of our lives? We end the series with a look at sex and the future. All sorts of people have opinions on what sex will be like in 2060. Sure, we can imagine robot lovers, virtual partners and sex without gravity but will we ever invent something better than a condom?
Studio: Madman Entertainment
Release Date: 9/6/2011
Item #: PID092303
UPC #: 9322225092303
Attributes: Australia - Import, Pal Region 4
Product Type: PAL Video

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