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Chen Tai Chi Chuan: Original Forms & Exercises
Format: DVD Genre: Spoken, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
Chen Tai Chi Chuan: Original Forms & Exercises

Chen Tai Chi Chuan: Original Forms & Exercises

Format: DVD Genre: Spoken, Music Video (Concert/Performance)
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The Tai Chi forms and exercises on this DVD come from Chen Quanzhong, 19th generation Grandmaster from the Chen Tai Chi (Taijiquan) family. Shawn Cartwright, 20th generation indoor student of Grandmaster Chen, presents the original forms and exercises with some rarely seen Tai Chi drills. Grandmaster Chen preserves the sequence and essence of the original routine Yi Lu, ????????? (????), while shortening it to 36 movements by removing the repetitions. The form is more accessible and great way to start Chen Tai Chi. This DVD includes eight complete Tai Chi practice sets with teaching commentary. The DVD features music by TCCII Artist Bing Xia from her album The Rising Moon: Xia Bing Gu Zheng Solo Album ???: ????????. Available at CDBaby. ?????:???????? Contents 1 Warm Up ?? 2 Post Standing ?? 3 Silk Reeling ?? 4 Four Directions ??? 5 Four Corners ??? 6 Five Steps ??? 7 Thirteen Postures ??? 8 First Form (36 Moves) ???? 9 Teaching Commentary ???? Cast Instructor: Shawn Cartwright Crew Director: Alain Jachiet Producer: Yinong Chong Producer: Shawn Cartwright Writer: Shawn Cartwright Production Company: TCCII Art Director: Xue Qin Picture Editor: Alain Jachiet Bonus Features Interactive Menus Actor Commentary Film Overview Release Date: 2011-09-28 Running Time: 1:04 Content Rating: GA (General Audience) DVD Region: All Regions Media Format: NTSC-DVD Audio Language(s): English Subtitle Language(s): English, Mandarin Genres: Exercise & Fitness Tai Chi/Qigong :: Instructional Self-Defense :: Exercise & Fitness Martial Arts :: Instructional Self-Improvement.
Studio: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/28/2011
Item #: 465779X
UPC #: 9780979759864
Product Type: DVD

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