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The Shield: The Complete Series
Format: Blu-ray Genre: TV Crime
The Shield: The Complete Series

The Shield: The Complete Series

Format: Blu-ray Genre: TV Crime
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In Los Angeles' crime-plagued Farmington neighborhood, the line between cop and criminal is a thin one, as the men and women of a special police unit bend, break and toss out the rules to keep the peace. Michael Chiklis, Catherine Dent, Benito Martinez and CCH Pounder star in this gritty 2002-2008 FX series.

88 episodes on 18 discs. 69 3/4 hrs. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; featurettes.

Aisha Hinds
Andrew Borba
Anna Maria Horsford
Autumn Chiklis
Benito Martinez
Brian J. White
Camilia Sanes
Catherine Dent
Cathy Cahlin
Cathy Cahlin Ryan
CCH Pounder
Chaney Kley
Danny Pino
David Marciano
David Rees Snell
Derek Basco
Frankie Rodriguez
Gareth Williams
Glenn Close
Jay Karnes
Joel Rosenthal
Katarina Choi
Kenneth Colom
Kenny Johnson
Khary Payton
Laurence Mason
Linda Friedman
Mark Ivanir
Matt Gerald
Matt Spangler
Melanie Myers
Melody Garrett
Michael Chiklis
Michael Jace
Michael Peña
Michele Hicks
Nadia Shazana
Natalie Zea
Nicki Micheaux
Nigel Gibbs
Onahoua Rodriguez
Pamela Shaddock
Paula Jai Parker
Rif Hutton
Sticky Fingaz
Tom Yi
Vincent Angell
Walton Goggins
Abby Brammell
Alexis Fernandez
Amaris Dupree
Ambrit Millhouse
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Azizi
Atticas Todd
Bill Duggan
Bob Rumnock
Cheryl Francis Harrington
Chris Guyton
Christian Reed
Cliff Weissman
Cyndi Strittmatter
Daniel Arrias
Daniel Dae Kim
Danny Martinez
Dean Napolitano
Deborah Van Valkenburgh
DeLane Matthews
Diego Villarreal Garcia
Dominic Hoffman
Douglas Roberts
Garrett M. Brown
Gary Bullock
Greg Eagles
J.C. MacKenzie
Jack Weber
Janelle Giumarra
Jernard Burks
Jim Cody Williams
Jimmy Jean-Louis
John Diehl
John Rosenthal
Jon Ecklund
Jordyn Barber
Jose Ramon Rosario
Joseph Julian Soria
Kamau Holloway
Karmin Murcelo
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Katia Bokor
Kevin Cooney
Kurt Caceres
Larry Sullivan
Lee Reyes
Leontine Guilliard
Lily Knight
Lionel Mark Smith
Lydia Blanco
Lydia Look
Marc Anwar
Marcos Ferraez
Marina Palmier
Marshall Bell
Matt Corboy
Maurice Sherbanee
Maximiliano Hernandez
Melissa Paull
Mia Wesley
Michael Benyaer
Michael McCafferty
Michael Papajohn
Michael Tomlinson
Monnae Michaell
Neil Lewis
Nina Jane Barry
Petey Pablo
R. Ernie Sila
Robert Wu
Roberto Montesino
Ron Canada
Sandy Mulvihill
Sean Blakemore
Sergio Enrique
Stacey Meadows, Jr.
Stacy Hall
Stana Katic
Tom Ayers
Tommy Hinkley
V.J. Foster
Vicellous Shannon
William Belli
Wilmer Calderon
Yasmine Delawari

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