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Sickest Psychos: Ultimate Collection (2015)
Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Slashers
Sickest Psychos: Ultimate Collection

Sickest Psychos: Ultimate Collection

Format: DVD Genre: Horror-Slashers
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Psychopathy, defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, but in the case of Extreme Psychopathic Tendencies, some cross the line into the abyss and commit crimes so heinous and horrifying that even the most seasoned splatter film fan shudders at the grime, sleaze and sickness of the Sickest Psychos! A LONELY MAN: Henry is one of many who cannot cope with "reality." He has to shut out a world that in essence is mad, a world where we deny our true will and the thoughts and desires of our conscious mind in order to find peace. There are many reasons why he and others like him kill and commit heinous acts of violence and desecration, a reason that stems fundamentally from the confusion and conflict within the collective soul of us all. THE CLOWN KILLER: After a cruel twist of fate, Mike finds himself without his beloved job as a children's clown and starts slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss, unleashing a psychopath so insane that even John Wayne Gacy would be shocked. Bout after bout of bad luck finally sends him completely over the edge. The depth of horror and depravity that a children's clown, hell bent on revenge, will succumb to is both horrifying and fascinating. VENGEANCE FROM BEYOND: Deep within the woods, the Surgeon pursues his perverted experimentation with Science and Magick on random people he has kidnapped. His bizarre and maniacal mutilation agenda reaches an apex when he captures a young girl. The maze that surrounds the woods becomes the stage for a paranormal battle of Ghosts and Zombies sent from the bowels of hell.
Studio: One Media
Release Date: 11/3/2015
Item #: 1494378X
UPC #: 889290176318
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR

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