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Sister Kenny (1946)
Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Biography
Sister Kenny

Sister Kenny

Format: DVD Genre: Drama, Biography
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In the pre-World War I Australian bush, self-taught country nurse Elizabeth Kenny (Rosalind Russell) developed a remarkable treatment regimen for polio-stricken children. Though she drew the scorn of the local medical establishment, her theories would become the accepted foundation of physical therapy. Alexander Knox, Dean Jagger, Beulah Bondi co-star; Dudley Nichols directed and adapted Kenny's memoir for the screen. 116 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Rosalind Russell
Alexander Knox
Dean Jagger
Philip Merivale
Beulah Bondi
Charles Dingle
John Litel
Fay Helm
Charles Kemper
Dorothy Peterson
Doreen McCann
Gloria Holden
Virginia Brissac
Frank Reicher
Paul Stanton
Charles Halton
Allen Lee
David Martinson
Lloyd Ingraham
James Loucke
Earl Dobbins
Teddy Infuhr
James Burke
B. G. Norman
Harry McKim
Vincent Graeff
Jackie Pfendler
Orley Lindgren
Nan Leslie
Ellen Corby
Anne O'Neal
Connie Lamont
Mary Gordon
Myra Nelson
Mary Bayless
Bertha Ledbetter
Elena Warren
Betty Gillette
Betty Fairfax
Ruth Lee
Gloria Donovan
Diane Nance
Nora Lee Norman
Melinda Erickson
Monica Folts
Sue Ann Hockett
Karolyn Grimes
Hilda Plowright
George Noakes
Robert Templeton
Egon Brecher
Charles Hall
Francis Ford
Dave Thursby
Walter Baldwin
Nellie Walker
Jennifer Cook
Judy Cook
Charles Pawley
Lumsden Hare
Clare Verdera
Len Hendry
Warren Jackson
Eddie Hart
George Barton
Carl Hanson
Alf Haugan
Sam Harris
Ray Toone
Jackie Curry
Al Choals
David Hughes
Dick Bartell
Warren Smith
Franklyn Farnum
John Moss
Tommy Kingston
Ray Walker
Larry McGrath
Mischa Gutterson
Wilda George
David Levitt
Bob O'Connor
Beulah Hubbard
Edith Conrad
Connie Conrad
Gertrude Astor
Bonnie Blair
Daphne Moore
Lee Bonnell
Regis Toomey
Charles Dorety
Edward Keane
Eddie Kane
Dick Scott
Harry Flannery
Alan Ray
Sam Lufkin
Ely Schmuckler
Bobby Hale
Joe Bernard
Vivian Oakland
Ralph Dunn
Brandon Hurst
Barbara Smith
Bruce Brewster
Tex Swan
Bob Pepper
Irene Mack
Jane Allen
Sally Cleaves
Leota Lorraine
Mamie Henderson
Ivy Lane
Patricia Berry
Jean Criswell
Robert Strong
Donna Lynne Rodgers
John Wade
Nancy George
Ruth Miles
Clara Griggs
Dudley Nichols
Director: Dudley Nichols
Studio: Warner Archives
Release Date: 4/7/2015
Item #: 1485198X
UPC #: 888574143718
SKU #: D20210
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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