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Squadra Volante
Artist: Stelvio Cipriani Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack
Squadra Volante

Squadra Volante

Artist: Stelvio Cipriani Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack
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Stelvio Cipriani ‎- Squadra Volante - Original Soundtrack "Squadra volante" (aka "Emergency Squad") was directed in 1974 by Stelvio Massi and starred Tomas Milian as inspector Tomas Ravelli and Gastone Moschin as his arch enemy, a bandit called the Marseilles man, the remaining cast including Mario Carotenuto, Ray Lovelock and Stefania Casini: The gang of the Marseilles man assaults an armoured car in the city of Pavia by way of pretending to be a movie troupe which is shooting a movie. Inspector Ravelli (Milian) from Marseilles interpol investigates into this case after heaving received a tip-off about the facts. His presence is also motivated because some years ago the Marseilles man (Moschin), chief of the criminal gang, had killed his wife by chance in front of a supermarket, which is the reason why he wants to get quits with him. After chases and brutal killings there is the climax at the end where Ravelli, who has thrown away his police card, kills the Marseilles man.
Artist(s): Stelvio Cipriani
Label: Digitmovie
Release Date: 12/13/2011
Item #: PID998041
UPC #: 8032628998041
Attributes: Italy - Import
Product Type: LP

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