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Step Up Revolution (2012)
Format: Blu-ray 3-D Genre: Drama
Step Up Revolution Preview

Step Up Revolution

Format: Blu-ray 3-D Genre: Drama
Blu-ray 3-D 
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After moving to Miami, aspiring dancer Emily (Kathryn McCormick) finds herself falling for Sean (Ryan Guzman), the charismatic leader of a dance crew that has been confounding the community with its synchronized flash-mobbing. Will the kids be able to make a stand against the developer (Peter Gallagher) who wants to gentrify their 'hood, especially after it's revealed he's Emily's dad? Fourth entry in the move-busting series co-stars Misha Gabriel, Cleopatra Coleman. 99 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; audio commentary; featurettes; music videos; deleted scenes; bonus digital copy. Blu-ray 3D requires a 3D television, a 3D Blu-ray player, and special glasses to reproduce the original theatrical experience.
Stephen "Twitch" Boss
Ryan Guzman
Kathryn McCormick
Misha Gabriel
Stephen Boss
Peter Gallagher
Amanda Brody
Jenny Mayer
Sabina V. Gomez
Cleopatra Coleman
Tommy Dewey
Mia Michaels
Megan Boone
Michael "Xeno" Langebeck
Claudio Pinto
Nicole Dabeau
Chris Charles
Katie Peterson
Alejandro Posada
Marc Macaulay
Mario Ernesto Sanchez
Sabina V Gomez
Dominique Bell
Tangi Colombel
Claudia Rocafort
Jordana Depaula
Tiger Kirchharz
Kevin Anthony Walton
Steve Zurk
Emiliano Diez
Chadd Smith
Mari Koda
Adam G Sevani
Tight Eyez
Celestina Aladekoba
Brandy Lamkin
Mayuko Kitayama
Jean Bebo Lioret
Justin "Jet Li" Valles
Phillip Chbeeb
Marc Inniss
Tony Bellissimo
Natalli Reznik
Angeline Floridella Gantier
Christopher Brian Granitz Iii
Bianca Brewton
Daniel Graham
Brittany Sugarman
Brandon Mitchell
Amanda Vieira
Allan Skeene
Nolan Padilla
Ted Forance
Nicholas Lazzarini
Michael Jaeho Song
Lorenzo Chapman
Luam Keflezgy
David Lorenzo
Billy Bell
Angela Marie Cifone
Jennifer Jong
Danielle Dominguez
Shaunna Lazzaro
Albena Aleksandrova
Raquel Lauren Farinas
Jacob Roark Kodish
Danielle Rodas
Samantha Lugo
Erika Maria Barrious
Brandi Oglesby
Anthony Jude Francisco
Ian Paget
Maria Lucero
Tiffany Paige Maher
Anthony Gonzalez
Amanda Heymann
Wilmer Fernandez
Michelle Griffith
Karelix Alicea
Romeo Jesus Ballayan
Jaidi Angeli Ventura
Megan Batoon
Calvit Dolvin Hodge Jr.
Adrian Lee Harvey
Joe Perez
Matthew Laraway
Chriz Embroz
Kehynde Hill
Daniel Alberto Montenegro
Danielle Rose Solano
Kerine Jeanpierre
Jonathan Alexander Smith
Lauren Sepe
Hector Silva
Janeth Briceño
Fernando Arroyo
Candido Rodriguez
Rickey Pierre
Adriana Patricia Castro
Angela Maria Elgani
Julie Wiesman
Khalil La'Marr Pickett
Thomas A Traugott
Tallie Brinson III
Adrian Thompkins
Joshua Ortiz
Josue Figueroa (Beast Mode)
Vincent E Clemmons
Scott Speer
Director: Scott Speer
Studio: Summit Inc/Lionsgate
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 11/27/2012
Item #: 429711X
UPC #: 025192160141
SKU #: B61462
Attributes: With DVD, Ultraviolet Digital Copy, Digital Copy, O-Card Packaging
Product Type: Blu-ray 3-D
Rating: PG13
Subtitles: ENG
Closed Caption: Yes

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