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Super Songs Of Big Mouth Vol. 1 [Explicit Content]
Artist: Various Artists Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack
Super Songs Of Big Mouth Vol. 1 [Explicit Content]

Super Songs Of Big Mouth Vol. 1 [Explicit Content]

Artist: Various Artists Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack Theme: Netflix
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"The show has received acclaim for it's honest and hilarious commentary on growing up, achieved through the genius of Mark Rivers's songs and "surreal musical numbers." -SOUNDTRACK MUSIC ASSOCIATES "(Maya) Rudolph even gets to belt out musical numbers and does it with so much gusto, it's like she's channeling the rage and power of the entire feminist movement. Just listen to her sing an "I Will Survive"-style body positivity anthem... and try to do anything other than bow down to that monstress." -VULTURE "The Netflix animated series has been lauded for promoting acceptance of all the awkward ways people mature, and the songs... are the epitome of showing that no one is ever alone in their experience." -INDIEWIRE "The raunchy and heartfelt series centers on teenage friends who find their lives turned upside down by the good, the bad and the ugly of puberty-and as one might expect, BIG MOUTH has given [Mark] Rivers the opportunity to craft songs you might not hear anywhere else." -DEADLINE "Leaning heavily on songwriter Mark Rivers, the BIG MOUTH team tackled a variety of styles - including rock, flamenco, jazz, and pop - to honor the nuance of buying bras and wrestling with your sexuality." -THRILLIST "The show is about puberty and adolescence and the stakes feel incredibly high in adolescents. And sometimes the best way to express high emotional moments is through a song." -VARIETY "The song ("Totaly Gay") most definitely stays a Score It Magazine favourite: we are huge Queen fans and we cannot resist a fake Queen song that is so masterfully written, produced and sung." -SCORE IT MAGAZINE BIO Soundtrack album featuring original songs from the first three seasons of the hit Netflix series BIG MOUTH, written and composed by Mark Rivers. The album features vocal performances from the esteemed cast, including Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, Andrew Rannells, John Mulaney, and Jenny Slate.
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: BMG Rights Managemen
Release Date: 11/15/2019
Item #: 2206887X
UPC #: 4050538529722
Attributes: Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics
Product Type: LP

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