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Jungle Trap (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Taken by Savages Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack
Jungle Trap (Original Soundtrack)

Jungle Trap (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Taken by Savages Format: LP Genre: Soundtrack
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Beginning in the '70s, James Bryan moved from adult movies to action epics like "Lady Street Fighter"and drive-in horror masterpieces like "Don't Go In The Woods". But the straight-to-video distribution market was gradually evaporating, a realization he had only after he'd completed principal photography on Jungle Trap, a particularly bizarre undertaking that he'd tackled with his long time creative partner, producer/actress Renee Harmon. Distributors were folding across the industry and those remaining were not adventurous enough to handle the project. Heartbroken, cinematic legend Bryan shelved his movie and never directed again. Bleeding Skull were devoted fans of James Bryan's work, but had no idea that Jungle Trap had even been attempted. We were shocked that he had an entirely unseen feature just waiting to be pieced together. Under director James Bryan's guidance, Taken By Savages recorded a new score using '80s synthesizers and perfectly emulating the era's sound. The resulting score is nothing short of spectacular. Droning mono synths tie the score together alongside head crunching analogue snare hits as arpeggios & melodic power synths full of melody soar over dirty and rough electronics. It's easily as good as anything released at the time and as soon as we heard it we knew it would be at home on Death Waltz. Pressed on clear Green vinyl with Brown and Red splatter effect.
Artist(s): Taken by Savages
Label: Death Waltz
Release Date: 8/17/2018
Item #: 2080750X
UPC #: 5053760031772
Attributes: Colored Vinyl
Product Type: LP

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