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Tarzan (1999)
Format: Blu-ray Genre: Family-Disney
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Format: Blu-ray Genre: Family-Disney
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Disney's lovely and lively adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' famed story tells how an orphaned child in 1900s Africa is rescued by a female gorilla and raised with apes, growing up to become the feral king of the jungle. When a scientific expedition arrives in the wilds, Tarzan befriends Jane, a professor's daughter, and battles nasty poachers. Voices supplied by Tony Goldwyn, Minnie Driver, Glenn Close, and Rosie O'Donnell; music by Phil Collins. 88 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English DTS HD 5.1 Master Audio, French, Spanish; Subtitles: English (SDH), French, Spanish; deleted scenes; featurettes; music video. Two-disc set.
Beth Anderson
Bonnie Arnold
Jack Angel
Joseph Ashton
Joseph Ashton (Joey)
Christopher Assells
Robert Bergen
Billy Warren Bodine
Karen M. Baker
Doug Ball
Hillary Brooks
Noreen Beasley
Roger Bumpass
Doug Bennett
Lily Collins
Bob Bergen
Kat Cressida
Aria Noelle Curzon
Robert Bryan
Jennifer Darling
Rodger Bumpass
Earl Coffman
Phil Collins
Tony Goldwyn
Minnie Driver
Glenn Close
Brian Blessed
Nigel Hawthorne
Alex D. Linz
Bob Tzudiker
David Reynolds
Mark Walton
Noni White
Tab Murphy
Jim Cummings
Debi Derryberry
Patti Deutsch
Paul Eiding
Blake Ewing
Michael Geiger
Tod Cooper
Kathryn Cressida
Sam Gifaldi
Jackie Gonneau
Robert Dawson
Sandie Hall
Scott Gershin
Linda Harmon
Peter DeMund
Karen Harper
Mark Deimel
Grady Hutt
Luana Jackman
Frank Dietz
Sherry Lynn
Melissa MacKay
Dale Drummond
Danny Mann
Jason Marsden
Ken Duncan
Mickie McGowan
Russ Edmonds
Bobbi Page
Blake McIver Ewing
Phil Proctor
Ian Redford
Marc Fleury
Chris Sanders
Daniel Gaber
Eric Gervais-Despres
Stephanie Sawyer
Brianne Siddall
Leif Green
Susan Stevens Logan
Per Hallberg
Shane Sweet
Erik Von Detten
Joe Whyte
Danielle Wiener
Randy Haycock
Mary Hidalgo
Jay Jackson
David Jarvis
Donna Medine
Jeff Johnson
Lance Henriksen
Marc Jordan
Glen Keane
Wayne Knight
Alex D Linz
Michael Keller
Michael R. King
Rosie O'Donnell
Mark Koetsier
Mike Kunkel
Ruth Lambert
Teressa Longo
James MacBurney
Mark Mancina
Kevin A. McGuire
Chris Montan
Jean Morel
Philip D. Morrill
Tab Murphy
Eduardo Palomo
Michael Perl
Gregory Perler
Dan St. Pierre
Brian Pimental
Philip Proctor
Jeff Rochlin
Curt Schulkey
Bruce W. Smith
Marc Smith
Chris Springfield
Michael Surrey
Mark M. Tokunaga
Chris Wahl
Sherilan Weinhart
Doug White
Noni White
Frank Wolf
Jeff Wolverton
Thomas Woodington
Michael Zarembski
Bonnie Arnold
Directors: Andrew Page, Andrew P, Chris Buck, Kevin Lima
Studio: Walt Disney Video
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 8/12/2014
Item #: 1181049X
UPC #: 786936839142
SKU #: B62075
Attributes: Subtitled, Dubbed, Digital Theater System, AC-3
Product Type: Blu-ray
Rating: G
Subtitles: ENG, FRE, POR, SPA
Closed Caption: Yes

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