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Greatest Classic Films Collection: Astaire and Rogers: Volume 2
Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical)
Greatest Classic Films Collection: Astaire and Rogers: Volume 2

Greatest Classic Films Collection: Astaire and Rogers: Volume 2

Format: DVD Genre: Musicals (Theatrical)
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Dolores Del Rio and Gene Raymond may get top billing, but Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers─in their first film together─steal the show in "Flying Down to Rio" (1933), a breezy Brazil-set musical that features Fred and Ginger dancing the "Carioca" and chorus girls dancing on the wings of airplanes "in midair." The Jerome Kern-Otto Harbach musical "Roberta" (1935) finds bandleader Astaire visiting Paris with pal Randolph Scott and finding romance with singer Rogers. Irene Dunne co-stars; score includes "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "Lovely to Look At." Gum-chewing sailor Fred and dance hall hostess Ginger dance together to some classic Irving Berlin songs, including "Let Yourself Go" and "We Saw the Sea," in "Follow the Fleet" (1936), with Scott and Harriet Hillard (later Nelson). And "The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle" (1939), Astaire and Rogers' final film for RKO, is a tune-filled biodrama of the famed early 1900s stage dance duo that offers such great numbers as "Only When You're in My Arms," "Oh, You Beautiful Doll," and more. Edna May Oliver, Walter Brennan co-star. 6 2/3 hrs. total on four discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Fred Astaire
Irene Dunne
Dolores Del Rio
Gene Raymond
Randolph Scott
Edna May Oliver
Ginger Rogers
Raul Roulien
Harriet Hilliard
Walter Brennan
Astrid Allwyn
Lew Fields
Helen Westley
Etienne Girardot
Betty Grable
Claire Dodd
Blanche Friderici
Harry Beresford
Janet Beecher
Walter Walker
Rolfe Sedan
Etta Moten
Brooks Benedict
Ferdinand Munier
Leonid Kinskey
Roy D'Arcy
Robert Strange
Maurice Black
Torben Meyer
Ray Mayer
Adrian Rosley
Douglas Walton
Armand Kaliz
Clarence Derwent
Paul Porcasi
Bodil Rosing
Addison Randall
Joy Hodges
Sonny Lamont
Reginald Barlow
Eric Blore
Frances Mercer
Jennie Gray
Maxine Jennings
Victor Varconi
Alice Gentle
Jane Hamilton
Donald MacBride
Hazel Hayes
Wanda Perry
Virginia Carroll
Edward Burns
Movita Castañeda
Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Franklin Pangborn
Tony Martin
Diane Cook
Jacques Lory
Frank Mills
Elspeth Dudgeon
Clarence Muse
Donna Mae Roberts
Margaret McCrystal
Milton Owen
Frank Jenks
Luis Alberni
Frank Moran
Bruce Mitchell
Kay Sutton
Mary Kornman
Betty Furness
Lita Chevret
Jack Carson
Virginia Reid
Betty Dumbries
Ethel Haworth
Jose Moreno
Lorraine DeSart
George Irving
Doris Lloyd
Bob Cautiero
Emilio Fernandez
Frank Ellis
Russell Hicks
William Davidson
Mary Forbes
Allen Wood
Alphonse De Cruz
Charlotte Russell
Peggy Carroll
Eric Wilton
Connie Thomas
Tiny Jones
Candy Candido
George Lollier
Iris Lancaster
Jane Gumber
Muzzy Marcellino
Huntley Gordon
Dorothy George
Ida May Johnson
Hal Borne
Frederick Blanchard
Ernesto Piedra
Lalo Encinas
Paul McLarand
Bill Smith
Hal K. Dawson
Herbert Rawlinson
Charles Sharpe
James Natio
Eleanor Hansen
Mary Brodell
Phil Cuthbert
Richard Robles
Joey Ray
Jim Pierce
William Dunn
Cruz Castro
Marjorie Bell
Chita Andrews
Delmon Davis
Dick Alexander
Ivan Dow
Marg Curson
Harriet Castelo
Fred Reinhold
Tom Brower
Joe Dominguez
John Eberts
Frank Lava
Andrew Roud
Alex Chivra
Henry De Silva
George Mendoza
Wynne Davis
Bernice Alstock
Bob Tail
Norman Bennett
Mildred Lewis
William Gavin
Nina Campana
Leo Artigo
Sam Appel
Douglas Williams
Eddie Arden
Don Marion
Wallace MacDonald
Ted Oviat
A. J. Peters
Yankee Clippers
Pauline High
Ruth Riley
Paul Karlesky
Rhea De Shon
Charmayne Gaywood
Sue Romaine
Harvey Karels
Rex Moore
Juan Duval
Alma Travers
Jerry Storm
Lou Valenoi
Laura Morse
Sue Curtis
Vina Gale
Grace Davies
Doris Toddings
Mary Burman
Doreen Doyle
Ella Angelus
Margaret Harding
Mildred Lehrman
Yvonne Girrard
Maria Shelton
Marcelle Force
Celeste Edwards
Patie Ramsdell
Helen MacAllister
Donald Barry
Lola Durand
Armand Delmar
Mary Bracken
Rita Gordon
Carmen Bailey
Frank Malatesta
Ralph Hornbrook
Bill Fisher
Nina Martell
Victor Sabini
Jack Gargan
Harry Bowen
Barbara Sheldon
Boyd King
Lucille Brown
Helen Collins
Directors: Thornton Freeland, Mark Sandrich, H. C. Potter, William A. Seiter, H.C. Potter
Studio: Turner Classic Movie
Release Date: 11/1/2011
Item #: WBD916775
UPC #: 883929167753
SKU #: D58084
Attributes: O-Card Packaging
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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