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TCM Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection: Sidney Poitier
Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
TCM Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection: Sidney Poitier

TCM Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection: Sidney Poitier

Format: DVD Genre: Drama-Classics
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While working on the New York City waterfront, longshoremen Sidney Poitier and John Cassavetes overcome their racial differences and become friends. The pals then find their bond threatened by their bullying and racist boss─resulting in unexpected tragedy. Insightful drama "Edge of the City" (1957) co-stars Jack Warden, Kathleen Maguire, and Ruby Dee. Based on the book by Robert C. Ruark, the drama "Something of Value" (1957) is set in Kenya during the bloody Mau Mau rebellions. Rock Hudson and Poitier star as childhood friends who find themselves on opposite sides when the violence erupts. As the men have their relationship ripped apart by the fighting, they experience the cost of war on a personal level. With Wendy Hiller, Juano Hernandez, and William Marshall. "A Patch of Blue" (1965) is a tender drama starring Elizabeth Hartman as an 18-year-old blind girl who falls for a black man (Poitier). Their relationship is resented by Hartman's floozy-of-a-mother (Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner Shelley Winters). Four-disc set also includes "Blackboard Jungle." 6 3/4 hrs. total. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English, French; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; bonus shorts "Blackboard Jumble" (1957); audio commentary; featurettes.
Glenn Ford
John Cassavetes
Rock Hudson
Anne Francis
Dana Wynter
Louis Calhern
Elizabeth Hartman
Jack Warden
Wendy Hiller
Juano Hernandez
Kathleen Maguire
Wallace Ford
Margaret Hayes
John Hoyt
Ivan Dixon
Ruby Dee
William Marshall
Val Avery
Elisabeth Fraser
Robert Beatty
Richard Kiley
Emile Meyer
John Qualen
Walter Fitzgerald
Robert Simon
Michael Pate
Ruth White
Kelly Flynn
Warner Anderson
Debi Storm
Basil Ruysdael
William A. Lee
Ken Renard
Renata Vanni
John Kellogg
David Clarke
Saverio LoMedico
Vic Morrow
Samadu Jackson
Frederick O'Neal
Estelle Hemsley
Dan Terranova
Rafael Campos
Sidney Poitier
Charles Jordan
Paul Mazursky
Ralph Bell
Paul Thompson
Horace McMahon
Lester Matthews
Jameel Farah
Gary Stafford
Duncan Richardson
Danny Dennis
David Alpert
Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Chris Randall
Anna Mabry
Leslie Denison
Yoshi Tomita
Gerald Phillips
Barbara Foley
Carl Christian
Dorothy Neumann
Joan Danton
Bob Anderson
Bruce Lester
Gary Diamond
Henny Backus
Jack Lynn
Paul Hoffman
John Dodsworth
Tom McKee
Wesly Bly
Pauline Myers
Robert Foulk
Manuel Paris
Kim Hamilton
Barry Bernard
Jim Murphy
Tommy Ivo
Ottola Nesmith
Peter Miller
Barbara Morrison
Morgan Roberts
Benny Burt
Teddy Infuhr
John Alderson
Charles R. Keane
Carl Kress
Tony Garr
Ike Jones
Myrtle Anderson
Richard Deacon
Martha Wentworth
Darby Jones
Isaac Jones
Naaman Brown
John J. Akar
Isaac Palacios
Rod Bauman
Tommie Moore
Juanita Moore
Jerry Michelsen
John Erman
Jerry Wynne
Doyle Baker
James Shumpert
Emil Sitka
James Drury
Willard Sage
Roger Blank
Jack Gargan
Dwayne Avery
Gerald King
Willard Wissner
Del Erickson
Albert Shubert
Ben Avila
Ben Sandefure
Boyd Bilbo
Bob Beaudry
Skip Torgerson
Mickey Little
Steve Roberts
Jim Ames
William Rhinehart
Nikki Juston
Directors: Martin Ritt, Guy Green, Richard Brooks
Studio: Turner Classic Movie
Release Date: 3/12/2013
Item #: 503367X
UPC #: 883929290505
SKU #: D09595
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: No

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