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The Waltons: The Complete Eighth Season (1979)
Format: DVD Genre: TV Drama, TV Family
The Waltons: The Complete Eighth Season

The Waltons: The Complete Eighth Season

Format: DVD Genre: TV Drama, TV Family
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All 24 episodes from season eight─including the two-part season opener "The Home Front," "The Lost Sheep," "The Silver Wings," "The Fastidious Wife," and "The Valediction"─are collected in a three-disc set. 19 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH); featurette. **24 episodes on 3 discs. 19 1/2 hrs.**
Antoinette Stella
Charles Hallahan
Denise Latella
Diana Douglas
Don Matheson
Ellen Corby
Enrique J. Castillo
Eunice Christopher
Frederic Downs
George DiCenzo
Helen Kleeb
Henry Darrow
Ivor Francis
John Crawford
Jonathan Banks
Jonathan Frakes
Jordan Charney
Jordan Clarke
K Callan
Keith Mitchell
Kelly Ward
Lane Bradbury
Lewis Arquette
Lisa Harrison
Louis Odell Burton
Marshall Reed
Martha Nix
Michael Reed
Mitch Carter
Morgan Stevens
Ned Bellamy
Patsy Rahn
Rachel Longaker
Richard Thomas
Richard Venture
Robert Wightman
Susan Krebs
The Waltons
Thee Waltons
Todd Susman
Will Geer
William Schallert
Woodrow Chambliss
Zack Lewis
Ralph Waite
Michael Learned
Judy Norton-Taylor
Mary Beth McDonough
David W. Harper
Joe Conley
Ronnie Claire Edwards
Becky Perle
Bill Morey
Bob Hastings
Britt Leach
Cathy Worthington
Charles Parker
Chris Malkey
Corbin Bernsen
David Cramer
Debbie Richmond
Diane Stilwell
Elise Caitlin
Eric Stoltz
Erica Hunton
Gary Imhoff
Glenn Withrow
Gordon Hodgins
Harry Busch
James Bond III
James Crittenden
Jeanne Campise
Jennifer Moskow
Jerry Hoffman
John Furey
John Furlong
John Steadman
Kenny Shear
Kimberly Woodward
Leon Fricke
Les Lannom
Lillah McCarthy
Llynn Storer
Lynn Hamilton
Macon McCalman
Madeleine Taylor Holmes
Marty Beth Oedy
Mary Jackson
Mary McDonough
Melvin Allen
Michael Asare
Pat Corley
Peter T. Stader
Philip Linton
Regis J. Cordic
Rick Slyter
Ross Elliott
Stephen Keep
Susan McClung
Tamar Howard
Ted Gehring
Todd Bridges
Tony Becker
Victor Izay
William Phipps
Jon Walmsley
Eric Scott
Kami Cotler
Andy White
Directors: Ralph Waite, Stan Lathan, Herbert Hirschman, Philip Leacock, Gwen Arner, Harry Harris, Walter Alzmann
Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 1/6/2009
Item #: WBD046260
UPC #: 883929051816
SKU #: D40150
Attributes: Standard Screen
Product Type: DVD
Rating: NR
Closed Caption: Yes

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