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Tim Holt Western Classics Collection: Volume 1
Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
Tim Holt Western Classics Collection: Volume 1

Tim Holt Western Classics Collection: Volume 1

Format: DVD Genre: Westerns
List Price: $39.99
Price: $30.99
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Five-disc set features Tim Holt in 10 B-westerns. Captain George O'Brien must contend with a rebel gang and a corrupt government in "The Renegade Ranger" (1938). Rita Hayworth co-stars; Holt is an outlaw hassling notorious liar Harry Carey in "The Law West of Tombstone" (1938); an undercover Holt tries to con a culprit into crossing border for arrest in "Along the Rio Grande" (1941); love gets in the way of robbing banks in "The Bandit Trail" (1941); Holt is framed for murder in "Robbers of the Range" (1941); Holt investigates a counterfeiting ring in "Dude Cowboy" (1941). With Marjorie Reynolds; "Come on Danger" (1942) has Holt trying to protect a female outlaw; Holt must bring killers to justice in "Bandit Ranger" (1942); an evil vigilante tries to control land in "Pirates of the Prairie" (1942); and "Fighting Frontier" (1942) finds Holt in trouble after infiltrating robbers. 10 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.
Harry Carey
George O'Brien
Tim Holt
Ray Whitley
Marjorie Reynolds
Virginia Vale
Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards
Frances Neal
Rita Hayworth
Ann Summers
Betty Jane Rhodes
Nell O'Day
Janet Waldo
Joan Barclay
Evelyn Brent
John H. Elliott
Kenneth Harlan
Lee "Lasses" White
Emmett Lynn
Jean Rouverol
Morris Ankrum
William Gould
Clarence Kolb
Louise Currie
Robert Fiske
Lucio Villegas
Karl Hackett
LeRoy Mason
Hal Taliaferro
William Royle
Helen Holmes
Malcolm "Bud" McTaggart
Davison Clarke
Roy Barcroft
Howard Hickman
Allan Lane
Esther Muir
Carl Stockdale
Eddie Kane
J. Merrill Holmes
Cecilia Callejo
Slim Whitaker
Jack Rockwell
Edward Cassidy
Charles King
Bradley Page
Eddie Waller
Neal Hart
Frank LaRue
Evellyn Dockson
Frank Ellis
Davison Clark
Byron Foulger
Ray Bennett
Paul Guilfoyle
Glenn Strange
Bob Kortman
Bessie Wade
John Elliott
Robert Kortman
Bud Geary
Tom London
Ruth Clifford
Charles Stevens
Ed Cassidy
Ward Bond
Reed Howes
Harry Humphrey
Joseph Eggenton
Kate Harrington
Max Waizman
Dick Rush
Joe McGuinn
George Irving
Russell Wade
Warren Jackson
Wayne McCoy
Guy Usher
George Melford
Jack Clifford
Herman Nowlin
Monte Montague
Henry Rocquemore
Marte Faust
Dennis Moore
Dick Cramer
Chris Pin Martin
Bud Osborne
Fern Emmett
Robert Clarke
Earle Hodgins
Harry Harvey
Frank M. Thomas
Lee Shumway
Bob Baker
Nancy Gates
Harrison Greene
Cliff Parkinson
Ralph McCullough
Jane Keckley
Lloyd Ingraham
Eddie Dew
Francis Sayles
Gerald Pierce
Max Wagner
Hank Worden
Ernie Adams
Walter McGrail
Terry Frost
Allen Lee
Merlyn Nelson
Charles Dorety
Ben Corbett
Hank Bell
Ralph Sanford
Art Dupuis
Frank O'Connor
Frank Cordell
Ed Thomas
Charles Murphy
Bob Burns
Hart Wayne
Ray Johnson
James Farley
John Ince
Frank Fanning
Al Ferguson
James Carlisle
John Kellogg
Elmo Lincoln
Harry Denny
Bert LeBaron
Irving Mitchell
John Beck
Heenan Elliott
Kathleen Ellis
Jane Woodworth
John Merton
Mike Pat Donovan
Jane Patten
Al St. John
Directors: David Howard, Howard Bretherton, Lesley Selander, Edward Killy, Glenn Tryon, Lambert Hillyer
Studio: Warner Archives
Number of Discs: 5
Release Date: 2/22/2011
Item #: WBA089017
UPC #: 883316311820
SKU #: D06954
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Product Type: DVD
Closed Caption: No

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