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The Boogey Man (Score) (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Tim Krog Format: Cassette Genre: Soundtrack
The Boogey Man (Score) (Original Soundtrack)

The Boogey Man (Score) (Original Soundtrack)

Artist: Tim Krog Format: Cassette Genre: Soundtrack
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Limited cassette edition with alternate art. In 1980, Ulli Lommel directed The Boogeyman starring John Carradine, which became a slasher genre hit and made the UK's banned Video Nasties list. Two sequels were also produced in 1981 and 1983. To underscore his film, Lommel needed a soundtrack that fitted the times like the synth based John Carpenter styled soundscapes used in Halloween. By the late ‘70s, electronic music had achieved new heights of popularity. Technological innovations such as the Mini-Moog became a weapon of choice for new composers, churning out chilling electronic music that showed the industry its full creative potential. For this he turned to Tim Krog and his team Synthe-Sound-Trax composed out of Jan Barlett and Ed Christiano. This trio produced a soundtrack far more progressive and unique than one might expect. Moving easily between traditional melodies and more experimental textures, The Boogeyman's score is a superb example of an economical but highly effective scoring style that would be prevalent throughout the ensuing decade. As you listen to these soundscapes, remember one thing: "The Boogeyman will get you if you don't watch out".
Artist(s): Tim Krog
Label: One Way Static
Release Date: 7/17/2015
Item #: 1494864X
UPC #: 670579844215
Attributes: Limited Edition
Product Type: Cassette
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